Domestic violence: the problem is not so much social as financial

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of disk imaging, once a day in Belarus regitsya about 200 reports of family conflicts. And how many more misses the summary because of the reluctance of people to contact the police? For izymatelstva danger murder, bodily injury of varying severity in the country once a year plant near 2-thousand criminal cases. According to international human rights organization «Amnesty International» once a year for about 3 thousand Belarusian ladies suffer from domestic violence.
With regard to legislation, the Criminal Code does not such thing as "domestic violence." Belarus has so far not adopted the law on domestic violence. Although the draft law itself was prepared in 2002, approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and served in Parliament. But remained buried there.
Chairman of the public association "Belarusian Association of Young Christian Women" Ira Olhovka states that until very hard to justify the authorities state that this problem real, because they require: Statistics show, justify it really worth seeing. Help victims of domestic violence involved in the main public ladies’ organizations and international funds. At the end of November the United Nations Fund for Population plans to open in Belarus "hot line" for victims of domestic violence. Says Ira Olhovka:
"Hopefully, if it is a searing line will work, we create, who handles what it did for the ladies what difficulties. Since today there is no precise statistics, it is outdated. Very difficult to assess the scale of the problem. Not all are treated. Either she initially requested, and later took a statement. "
President "Belarusian Women’s League" Nina Stuzhinskaya believes that top underestimate the severity and depth of the difficulties. In her opinion, victims of domestic violence are the main ladies. But it has its own version, why Belarusian men, often not necessarily zapivohi and brawlers, so behave against feeble sex:

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"Any third lady, that has family or battle-frenda facing with the problem of domestic violence.

Our little man, completely subject to the will of others in society, he comes and "detached" home.

Since our little man, completely subject to the will of others in society, at work, there are also a victim of humiliation by the manager, he comes and "detached" home. All own negative voltage which pours? He finds such as toilet own spouse. This, for sure, one of the reasons too. "
Specialists believe that domestic violence has no social, economic or educational boundaries. It is not necessarily that the scandals in the main zapivohi and victims are overdriven, abandoned ladies who can not fend for themselves. According to statistics, 80% of women seeking crisis centers with higher education. Psychologist Minsk City Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children Jeanne Miscavige on his experience satisfied:
"Violence in the family we exist independently of a person’s education, regardless of age, position, means. It does not matter. In almost all families have violence in the same deputies."
In Belarus, there are several family crisis centers, which can address a lady — a victim of domestic violence, territorial socio-educational centers to find temporary shelter kids from disadvantaged families. But why the person terrorizing family often go unpunished? Rhetorical question, says Ira Olhovka:
"So far, unfortunately, when the ladies help more, territorial centers which care is provided, the rapists, no one works. And this is also a big problem."
In March, the public association "Belarusian Association of Young Christian Women" conducted socio-economic study of the "Price of domestic violence in Belarus." Specific costs and sacrifices

Price of domestic violence in Belarus is the year almost 2.5 billion rubles

countries on one situation of domestic violence amounted 884 thousand rubles (healing, help professionals sheet of disability payment, legal fees, call the police, etc.). Only official appeal to the police. So makarom, price of domestic violence in Belarus is a year about 2.5 billion rubles (approximately 1 million 130 thousand dollars).
And yet, why Belarusian ladies suffer violence? Psychologist Jeanne Miscavige says:
"It’s not so much mental as social problem: say, I can not live without a man and his real support." Where did she go? Apartment for him. In-2, some — drunk, got into a fight, later calmed down, brought the money. Another reason — the lady does not know how to fend for themselves, uncertain, can not protect themselves, because it is not trained mechanism to protect themselves, to say the rapist "no" and stand up for themselves. "
Middle of September, the Government of Belarus in the end approved the "National Action Plan on Gender Equality for 2008-2010" — three months before the end of the first year of the act. Nina Stuzhinskaya reads:
"Also, there seems to be indirectly described problem, but no solution mechanism. And later, sorry, — under the State Plan funds were not given the same. You can read about it as much as necessary — journalists, interested parties, but if no funds under the program from — it is clear that it just for decoration, to improve the style. "

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