Dunin-Marcinkiewicz peasant — 155 year

And print and produce the play "Peasant" (her second name — "Idyll") was hard. First, with viewpoint first, because most of the characters work for the first time spoke in Belarusian (or, as it says a peasant). Pana read as ordinary Polish language. And "so as not to taint stretched Belarusian State" was limited edition books. A publication of a statement it was still as much as 6 years. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz needed make troupe that could play and in Russian and Polish, could also soon be convincing and dramatic, and in opera and ballet stages. In the troupe of more than 20 people, among them himself Dunin-Martsinekvich and his two daughters. The choir was prepared Lyutsinka farmers and Stanisław Moniuszko wrote music and Konstantin Krzhizhanovskogo.
Before the premiere was commissioned a special poster, the first theatrical show on alert Belarusian language. On that day, which was appointed prime minister — February 9, 1852 — came the order to ban performances on "vulgar language." However, since local authorities have been given permission to stage, the show still held, and rumors of banning further stoked the enthusiasm of the public. The hall was crowded, play was indescribable success … Special admiration caused acting as saying by Nahum Dunin-Marcinkiewicz also massive and the Opera scene.
Upcoming fate play developed dramatically. Prohibition give performances on "vulgar language" acted, and performance troupe showed illegally in private apartments or houses in Minsk, Bobruisk, Slutsk Glusk right up to 1855.
That’s how the story began Belarusian state theatrics.
And few more than 130 years, those actions have caught the sudden own continuation. Same again and cheerful and dramatic.
First — the dramatic. In the sequential destruction of the historic center of Minsk in 1986 came the turn to the historic buildings of urban theater. Then for the first time the Belarusian youth (mostly livestock Art School named Alexei Glebov) with a banner "Ruynuyuts monument Belarusian culture" came out to defend the theater. But did not help. The building was demolished, and the youth (over 10 people) cruelly beaten and thrown into jail. And after 20 years at the site of the structure, where the story began State Theatre, built a new hotel.
A hilarious continuation of the 155-year-old was the staging of the event in 1993 at the Theatre of Yanka Kupala theater critics have already written off the archive plays Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz "Peasant". The performance entitled "Idyll" directed by Nicholas Pinigina and set designer Zinovy Margolin determine acute contemporary art form and criteria revival of interest in the whiteRussian language and culture had a burning sound. Staging is stored in the repertoire of a day or right before that, though lost its original artistic value. Prerequisite actor Victor Manayeu calls inexorable time nezatsikavlenasts and theater productions in the restoration …
(Mana) "This is absolutely not the" Idyll, "which was. Gone from the life of the first performers of roles — Yuri Averyanav Anatoly Lutsevich Lilya Davidovich. Another actor is starring King Lyatalskaga. Performance was staged for Vitali radish and Zoe Belohvostik. Radish does not work in the theater almost 6 years. A director who has staged works in St. Petersburg. "

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