During Pavlovsk reform Belarusians lost 30 billion rubles Russian

The representative of the State Bank of Belarus Anatoly Drozdov states that measures such as those performed in Lithuania, swiftly planned. For compensatory payments in the budget "surplus funds" no. Calculated as specialists of the National Bank for these purposes need had spent a few 10’s of billions of dollars.
Drozdov: "It a couple of years reverse the order of the President — to study this issue. It was examined — in including and the State Bank. We made suggestions. But realize what’s really the problem? No money! At a certain development in the economy to find them, certainly, it is possible. But you can imagine for yourself how much money do I need? Even if prirovnyat together to buck (we will not have to take the course of 1 dollar = 62 kopecks, which was then officially), the cost is an issue — 30 billion dollars. And this despite the municipal budget of 20 billion! That count — which take the same amount, even more so in such a difficult situation. In short, this question until frozen. "
Anatoly Drozdov elaborates: from the end of the 1990s looked at various options for compensation of lost deposits. Prior to this, the State Bank offered to issue securities backed by government guarantees, as payments would be from the budget. Taking foreign loans payments on municipal financiers views, was not very appropriate.
As for Lithuania’s experience, then, according to Drozdov, he is not worthy of imitation. The representative of the State Bank states that monetary compensation is inadequate Lithuanian authorities.
Drozdov: "I understand that the population of Lithuania in two and a half times less. But even this amount we currently can give population. We twice already made the payment in small sizes. But look — even rich Our homeland in which more than 300 billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves, pays its depositors 1000 Russian rubles each, that least 40 bucks.
None this difficulty vsepolnotsenno can not solve. Because the problem is everywhere monotonous — in the countries concerned have no money required very significant funds. In fairness, we know who funds currently are — in those who later bought cheaply municipal ownership and now has a billion is the same means, they do not disappear. They just changed owners, spilled over from one hand to another. But this is not correct. Because, unfortunately, the question remains tied. "
Drozdov sovereign states that the issue of compensation of lost foreign currency deposits on the agenda a day or municipal agencies concerned not.

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