Dzh.Mur: change the consciousness of the people of the South American

"None. Outside Politics The United States is divided equally by both parties, because no structural configurations are foreseen. Seriously open a discussion topics Iraq and Afghanistan. We elected for the moment Barack Obama Other sights on these questions, than George W. Bush.
But such basic matters concerning Belarus, both parties share similar views and no significant configurations will not. "
The question: "What is a justified highest voter turnout?" Jonathan Moore subsequent replied:
"Over the past eight years has changed the consciousness of the South American nation. It was not eight, but seven years ago, when we suffered from the terrible terrorist attack. Naturally, we showed our intrigued by such countries as Iraq and Afghanistan.
At the moment we are in a very difficult economic situation. We were very Worthwhile elections: the first time a presidential candidate has become afraamerykanets. Second time in our history, vice candidate was a woman. This is a repeat of history 50 years ago, when both candidates are running for the first time in a whitewashed house. Neither one of them was neither president nor vice-president until now.
And, in general, are notable things that happen both in globally, and we, in United States, made this election so exciting. "

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