E. Bagdonas: Lithuania is ready to be an advocate of Belarus in Europe

Edminas Bagdonas said in next year Lithuania join those sixteen states that are members of the Schengen area. Experts consider: whereupon number of Belarusians who wish to purchase a visa at the Lithuanian diplomatic missions to increase significantly. Because the terrain of the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk has built an extra room — "to expand the capacity for issuing visas."
Lithuanian visa is now available not only in Minsk, and in kansulyatse in Grodno. But there, in contrast to the capital, is not so great, says Edminas Bagdonas:
Bagdonas: "We are concerned about one issue. Grodno we want to acquire land for the expansion of our consular post. Yet this question can not be solved, because all the slack bureaucrats Grodno Minsk and Minsk — Grodno on. It turns out a ping-pong where the ball will jump from one to the other half of the table. If this dilemma not turn out to solve, the inhabitants of Grodno and adjacent regions must be for visas to travel to Minsk. This means that if at the moment in the capital every day we issue visas to 600-700, then I will give about a thousand. "
According to the brand new ambassador Lithuanian businessmen willing to invest in the Belarusian economy, but want to have a guarantee that their money will not be wasted, that their risk is low.
About probable vkladyvatelnye projects Bagdonas emperor had already tell minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov. But with the Belarusian head of country contacts were very rather short. Answering the question of "Freedom" the impressions that stayed with him during yesterday’s presentation of credentials to Alexander Lukashenko, salting, said:
Bagdonas "He said so beautifully:" Our Lithuania "! (Laughter in the press room.) Well, I liked it! It was evident that we Actually for him close and warm. I did not have the ability to answer it carefully. I just said, that will use the fact that you allow me to call for you at any time of. But I did not dare ask him for a cell phone number. "
New salting Lithuania also noted that his country was willing to hear first from Belarus about the intention to move towards Europe:
Bagdonas: "As one of the European Union, we support its policy and is currently waiting for specific proposals from Belarus. And if such proposals will, we want to hear them and the first in Europe to be your first lawyer."

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