E.Lukas: I wish to create pressure that would restrain Russia

On this issue reflects in an interview with Radio Liberty recognizable English political scientist Edward Lucas — creator of the book "The newcomer cool War: How the Kremlin threatens Russian and the West."
Radio Liberty: "You wrote that the West missed the latest cool coming war. Indeed, in your opinion, in the end came a time when the West realized that cool the war began?
Edward Lucas: "It is hard to say whether this is really the time when the West awakened. We woke up many times, and I feel that these moments we will have many more in the future. The problem is that large European countries really do not wish to rock the boat. I do not think that Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands structurally ready to reconsider their dealings with Russia. Is society big capital, which grows rich from trade with Russia, very integrated and energy supplies. I was curious as to what German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone on this week the Baltic states, but not stated, for example, that Germany is going to revise the agreement with Russia on the Nord Stream — a gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea. said I would be: West is no longer dormant deepest sleep, but still not quite awake. "
Radio Liberty: "Why, in your opinion, the West has slowly waking up?"
Edward Lucas: "After doing his chores. Meanwhile we This year had a Russian missile attacks on Georgian territory, we had provoked the Russians riot in Tallinn in connection with the relocation of the Bronze soldier, we already had Russian cyber attacks, we had Putin’s speech in Munich in 2007, when the Russian president accused the West of trying to start the latest cool war , we have the doctrine of foreign policy of the Russian Federation, according to which it uses energy as a weapon. Neizvinitelen people who do not know it. There is little resemblance to those which read that 1968 people woke up, and they realize that there is in fact the USSR. Open your eyes! From 1918, it was clear that a Russian alliance, and did not need the invasion of Czechoslovakia, to awaken. With Putin’s Russia, too, everything was clear since the late 1990s, when power returns The old KGB alliance that aferystav ruled Russia. And why only at this time in 2008, people begin to feel vaguely that means essentially the KGB regime in the Kremlin? "
Radio Liberty: "Not if we go back to the era of conflict of interests?"
Edward Lucas:"I hope we go back to the neo-containment. I wish to create pressure that Russia would be delayed. I wish to build democracy in Russia. And I think that the Russian people deserve more than a corrupt, ignorant, aggressive power that they have. We can go in this direction. first thing to do is protect those people, who believe in the fact that we believe. This — Georgians, which we brought. This — Ukrainians and Balts it first, who are members of the EU and NATO, and we have nowhere in the Baltic countries no 1st NATO fighter of the basic forces. We have one squadron of fighter planes, and it is all a NATO presence in the Baltic States, and this is clearly insufficient. "

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