Ecology of Bratsk. Positive changes.

Ecology of Bratsk. Positive changes.

Bratsk — is one of the largest industrial centers of Russia. There are enterprises of giants who were mentioned most often accompanied by the phrase "the largest in the world." This Bratsk Aluminum Plant, Bratsk timber industry Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant. It is therefore not surprising that Bratsk is the thirty cities in Russia by environmental problems. Although it is in any other, more or less a major city there are problems with the environment.

Last week there were two positive news related to the environmental situation in Bratsk. First the news:

In Bratsk arrived mobile environmental monitoring station. The story of the acquisition of the station lasted for the past few years, last year to buy it even laid the money in the budget, but as it turned out in the Administration of Bratsk not have the authority to buy the station for public money. At his own expense to purchase environmental monitoring stations proposed Bratsk State University. Environmental monitoring station BrSU cost of fifteen million rubles (at least this amount I have heard in the local media), and the city receiving information from this station on air pollution will cost three million rubles a year.


A definite plus in the presence of such a station — to provide objective information on the state of air quality in Bratsk and receive opinions, which can be referenced to the appropriate authorities. In general, a no, but a tool of pressure on businesses that pollute the air Bratsk. At the very least there will be grounds for speculation on the environmental theme, even when the deputies of the State Duma of trying to score political points on the issue of Bratsk. Who cares what the maximum permissible concentration of emissions of 1.5-2 become exceeding hundreds of times can be read here.

The second positive news that at Bratsk timber complexes assembled and begins to work the system for the collection and incineration of odorous gases, namely those who annoy the inhabitants of Bratsk (methyl mercaptan, phenol, hydrogen sulfide, turpentine)

The equipment is installed similar to that which is already on such productions in Europe. If all is true, as claimed in the report, the issue with evil-smelling gases in Bratsk may be removed at all.

By the way, a video presentation of the project "Big Bratsk", the implementation of which is now being completed in the Brethren Lesporomyshlennom Complex. At the end of the BLPK become the largest producer of pulp in the world, running on modern hardware.

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