Ecology Sochi

At the regular meeting of the Public Council discussed the ecology of the city of Sochi.

According to the director of the department of public policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection MEP Svetlana Yurmanovoy, regular monitoring of the ecosystem of the resort speaks of reducing the negative impact on the environment. "Russia's only integrated environmental monitoring system in Sochi includes six automatic monitoring stations purity of the atmosphere, located in the city of Sochi Olympic construction and districts, as well as on the river Mzimta installed two automatic stations of water pollution control", — she said.


Unique infrastructure that is created in Sochi, in the future will significantly reduce the burden on the environment. The new wastewater treatment plant and sewer lines will significantly reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the sea. Reclamation landfill will eliminate the environmental damage accumulated since the middle of last century.

Prior to 2010, the territory of Sochi operated two solid waste landfill — in the Lazarev and Adler areas — they do not meet health and environmental requirements. Last year stopped accepting solid waste to the landfill in the village of Looe. Vice-Mayor of Sochi, Oleg Yasyuk said that "now after sorting waste at the sorting station is transported to the landfill in the area Byelorechensk."

"With the participation of experts from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) formed a detailed comprehensive plan in three areas: environmental monitoring, compensatory measures and restore the ecosystem of the river Mzmty. Action plan for the implementation of its effort to combine a number of organizations and agencies, including the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Krasnodar Krai Administration, the Administration of Sochi, "Olympstroy." As part of this plan has been created Ornithological Park in the Imereti lowland, is preparing a significant increase in the area of Sochi National Park and a number of other events, "- said the director of the department of environmental support" Olympstroy "Gleb Vatletsov.

In connection with the completion of the Olympic construction priorities for the participants of Olympic construction in the current year are land reclamation, the full completion of the landscaping, as well as other activities of the compensation for the damage caused to the environment of the city of Sochi.

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