Either condition opposition lists?

Of "Euro list" recorded more than 60 activities of the group of possible candidates. They are members of the organizing committee of the People’s Party and the hulks of freedom and progress, as business unit. Also registered activity of the group of the 1st of the favorites of the European Coalition Statkevich. He explained to the essence of the proposed agreement between the European Coalition of Democratic Forces and the Bureau, United:

"This refusal of mutual criticism between democratic candidates, so there is nothing to fight together, have a common enemy. 2nd paragraph — joint efforts in the fight against fraud, observed voting. Perhaps even total control of this observation. And the third point. Suddenly power so want to make peace with Europe, that voice will be considered and is then Second round. And there might be a full integration with the support of the opposition candidate, who in this second round of fall. "
While officially proposals of the European coalition United Democratic Forces have not been considered, but they know about them and the mountains on this score first judgment.

"There’s nothing really — the member of the Presidium of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko. — "Single List", despite some shortcomings, difficulties in its formation, has quite the highest degree of legitimacy. And now for a list of opponents SLM — people exposed in the list of Alexander Lukashenko. All other — outside the brackets. Neither European nor Asian, no other geographic coalition are not our opponents. Here there is really no meaningful proposal is purely PR — some find their niche in this election campaign. "
Forthcoming proposals regarding the fate of the European Coalition Statkevich said:
"If these proposals are not will be taken, we repeat them again after the registration of candidates, if it becomes clear how many candidates intersects many candidates record. And again if these proposals are not accepted, then I will refer to the proposal so that our candidates took these limitations in one-sided manner. Notwithstanding the fact that will do candidates from the same list. "
On the development of a "European list" business unit "for their rights"Said the favorite entrepreneurial movement Ales Makaeu. This unit includes about 20 business and human rights (in Minsk — 9) who have registered their activity group.
"Block euros list gives businessmen abilities to organizational and legal work with all candidates — says Ales Macau. — European values are not alien Belarusian businessmen. Unit we formed as the situation with the case every year compounded. MPs do their functions: the law Small Business is not accepted. businessmen MPs ignored appeals on the constitutionality of the decree number 760. This disrespect for the citizens has resulted in street protests. We need to declare the Belarusian society of our dilemmas. " Tags: elections, European, Lebedko, Statkevich percent

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