Either this is patriotism on the Strip in jackets and Stalin under the bloody flags?

Sovereign Maladziechna: "Patriotism and" Stalin Line "in the era of Lukashenko. What is patriotism? This is a moment of history in relation to patriotism Mikola Gusovskogo and" Songs about the Bison, "in comparison with Skarina Bible on whiteRussian language, compared with Misha Cleophas Oginski and his persecution if he joined the People’s uprising. Same Orda, 200-year we celebrate. Why is this patriotism we say nothing? And I would ask for Radio Liberty, so it gave a critical analysis. Either this is patriotism on "The Strip Stalin" in jackets and under the bloody flags? Or patriotism from the heart, which came from the ideological people, by the people humanists who knows not only Europe — peace. Let the radio "Freedom" commented fake patriotism and patriotism real. "
Man: "Good evening," Freedom. "Here listened Inquiry at 18.00 and at 20.00. Naturally, I understand that at the technical level is more difficult to correct your announcements and say something because it has already passed the 3 hours from the moment of detention. But you easier to put that plate and twist it. Money, certainly, and get over it. And Evening. And as pronounced for the upcoming fate look at issues of "Freedom." Least said, and how they were detained, but apparently you purposely it mattersete. This in-1-x. And in-2, do these young people seem to imply that their delay, as if each had a passport for yourself. Well, in-2, did not put any protection. Well, need, for sure, read the works of former Marxist — Leninists, who could at hand from the police to make some rallies there under various species, and our young people, for sure, not counting the rock, nothing longer interested. Illegal work them this is not known. "
"Well, thank you," Freedom, "wait for news from you. Yesterday, how many times you have repeated that the guys are sitting there, they will keep for three hours. Already in the" Night of Freedom "were sitting still. And now, it seems, is a question you do not really care. One of the Belarusian news said some sports. That’s all your intrigued. And all your advertised speed. Freshest, so to speak, announcements. Well, thank you, that’s Guess. That so the weekend behaved police and the KGB could would quietly listen to your various replays, reasoning and boasting in the address as its own. Well, fine. Thank God that still exist, but it seems to me that you took someone else’s niche. Maybe someone more to promote the growth of our consciousness. More would be fans and have one Jabberwocky. "
Verteyko Konstantin peasant — beekeeper, Berezovsky district: "I am wondering when it will pass Congress of Democratic Forces, where he will be."
Lady: "People minded — the conscience of the society to which they belong. A conscience — is God. A" cops "grab and strangle these people, in other words kill conscience. Means still kill God. That judge, in what country we live. 1917 people hung collective yoke and took away the most precious thing — faith in the Lord, and that lasts. "
Man: "Dear friends, Radio Liberty, February 1st this year"Narodnaya Volya" printed answer questions Tsar Alexander Kuskis Silich. Sovereign Kuskis argues that the purpose of the formation of democracy in Belarus, it is useful to make a dialogue between Lukashenko and the West. He proved his world that not all of the keys from the door of democracy in the pocket Lukashenko. Incorrect outlook. Sovereign Kuskis apparently does not know that Alexander Lukashenko these Keys are not needed, because in his hands is a universal key, it all locks. This scrap. Perhaps under the influence of sovereign Kuskis and other politicians Alexander Milinkevich Alexander Lukashenko offered to mediate in the dialogue between him and the West. Lukashenko knows that it requests from the West, and if you want to engage in dialogue with the West, he will do without intermediaries. The agenda must be placed a day or … "
Lady: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I’m listening to how our Democrats call on the venerable "Freedom" and express their thoughts. I wish to support and make his word. We have a president Zenon Pozniak S., he was elected. Shushkevich Milinkevich — all need to help Zeno Stanislavovitch. We are waiting for him president, he was elected. "
Sergei: "Hello, South American" Freedom! "How do you take care of Belarusian Tribunal convicted hooligans On whole world proclaim that the dictatorship in Belarus does not release the convict Statkevich and others in Germany on vacation. It would be better taken care of Guantanamo prisoners who tried and scoff unconvicted Arabs as bring them to Europe, and then to attempt. Remind us what Europe means the police to restore order on the streets of their own cities. We litsezreem it’s own TV screens, in including and in adjacent Poland. And explain to us unconscious, the better South American and European democracy in Belarus dictatorship. "
Lavon Timohin, Maladziechna "honorable edition of" Freedom, "tomorrow you give airtime Milinkevich, who invited our state prazdnichek team gravediggers of our language, our culture, our Belarusian statehood. And as if anticipating it would Gennady Buraukin who wrote the poem" Belarus traitors "
Well, time passes at the latest coffin. And you already share ranks and medals For what has long been persuaded smallish back and honor so just sold.
Please give this poem read Milinkievich. And let it all the same comment on our visionary poet, sincere Belarusian Buraukin. Whether it is possible to marry at such prazdnichek invite gravediggers? It goes little soulless. At most, it is a spiritual sin. "

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