Ekobus JSC Trolza arrived in Togliatti for probegovyh test


Ekobus — is a high-capacity passenger bus, based at the usual trolley, but the car otsutsvtuyut so-called "horns" in the routes driven turbine, which feeds compiled gas — methane. Gas cylinders are installed on the roof of the car, and then feeds the turbine condenser batteries, they offer the course of the vehicle.

According to the chief designer of the Engels JSC "Trolza" Edward Daniel, ekobus as the trolley — ecological form of transport corresponding to the class Euro 5. But trolleybus routes are limited contact system, while ekobusu wires are not needed. A single refueling, and the machine will travel 230-240 kilometers, that is, be able to work on the line every shift, from morning to evening.

The designer says that the demand for "hybrid" is still small. It is possible that the case in the cost price of new items — 14.5 million rubles for one unit, which is equivalent to the acquisition of three new ordinary bus.

While the Company "Trolza" issued five such machines: 4 of them bought and operated for two years in Krasnodar, a fifth machine is tested in different cities, and now — in Togliatti.

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