Election of one member of the party on 5 sites

United democratic forces gathered together to "close" from 1000 to 1500 sites. Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko argues that from the United Democratic Forces already have 1300 nominees:
"Maybe more. Incomplete until the data in the BNF. Worked very aggressively PKB nominated 450 people. UCP A nominated three hundred and sixtieth of the candidates, I would note Karetnikova Yuri and Sergei Kalyakin. They put forward their own representatives in virtually all the commissions."
Kornienko states that by tomorrow morning the complete list of candidates in the constituency commissions with all names will be made:
"We create them public. Donate to the ODIHR, independent media, so they looked. And that we are not waving figures only, and certain names."
CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik states that political parties at this stage in the election race have not found a great activity:
"Different subjects proposed 73,576 candidates. In including citizens through the submission of applications — 37,936 candidates, labor collectives — 24 144 political parties — 1237, other public organizations — 10 50 ninth two party nominees represent only 1.7% of all applications filed. "
Possible MP candidate House of Representatives Alexander Dobrovolsky states that the main aspect in their nomination of the district commissions on their own constituency became their prof training.
"In the midst of our candidates in the district commissions have a very well-known people. Sergei It Alpher, Harry Pahanyajla Antonina Kovalev … They all — lawyers."
Now the head of the observer mission from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE German diplomat Gert Heinrich Ahrens met with Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina. Scheduled for the next day’s press conference.

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