Elections: The power does not become liberal

Immediately put forward candidates for the district election commissions.

The leaders of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces note: authorities have behave quite liberally. Political scientist Yuri Chausov this assessment refers to "excessive":
"The expression" game ", I think what is happening is more adequate. Registration Those barriers, the barriers that exist in the process of the election campaign, have not disappeared. Indeed, the barrier of registration activities of the group has been partially overcome. Grape Although the case with evidence that ancient repression machine is ready to engage in any moment. Repression in the form of illegal arrests last. Quite acquainted with these human rights organizations.
Naturally, for external viewer requires to pretend that the company have more free time, more freedom for the opposition. But if you look closely, especially when dealing with regional activists seen: real not enough that has changed. "
Political scientist mentioned Chausov Dmitry Vinogradov. On the case of the chairman of the Minsk regional branch of the BPF we were in charge: July 24, the last day of delivery of documents to the registration of groups, personal car sovereign Vinogradov stopped by traffic police. They held opposition to the closure of the executive committee. Because he did not submit the documents in time.
Complaint to the CEC did not help. Not found a reason to support the sovereign Vinogradov and kirainy High Tribunal, which on August 6 rejected his complaint.
Administrative pressure on opposition activists lasts. No sooner had a possible contender for the deputy’s mandate BPF Yury Karetnikau transfer to the district election commission documents on their own candidates in the district commissions, as happened subsequent:
"Yesterday it was filed in the list of the second half of a day or after the third hour. And now the morning has started to exert pressure on those people, which have been isolated. Call them, even those who at the moment on holiday from work, from the school, so they wrote a statement about volunteering for graduation. So as not to hurt until I name names. But there is a precedent. Pressure began. "
Belarus just created more than 6,500 polling stations. Specifically, here is the most primary vote count. Hence transmit data to the county commission. Opposition intends to nominate their own representatives for 1500 sites.

Last day of receiving the documents — Sunday, August 10th. CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik said, "Freedom", the commission recommended that the Central Executive Committees of the local organizing accepting applications at the weekend — the 9 th and 10 th August:
"That all entities that have the right to nominate their own representatives were able to enjoy this right. I have no doubt that all of the committee will be formed in a specific legal term."
Law, by the way, takes away the formation of election commissions a day or three. In the meantime, political parties nominate their own candidates for deputies not only through the collection of signatures, and through conferences. Now, for example, hosts forum BPF, August 10th — congresses UCP and PKB.
Favourite UCP Anatoly Lebedko so says the purpose of the forum:
"The agenda of the day or two questions. 1st — our additional proposals to the Message UCP citizens, businesses, and Belarus. This is our approach to addressing gender problems. And the nomination of candidates of the party. I think we will close in some places 12 -13 districts. "
At the congress of Communists and two question marks secretary of the PKB Lena Skrigan:
"There will be absolutely validated platform PKB in the parliamentary elections in 2008, because we discussed her project prior to the plenum. Then — in the Party organizations. And now with fruits discussion we approve the final text.
And second — we will allocate 11 party candidates for deputies in those surroundings, where we have the organizational structure. "Tags: election, signatures

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