Electric ET4A Torzhoksky factory tested

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ET4A Electric — Electric Torzhokskiy, the fourth modification, Asynchronous — experimental series of Russian electric DC, induction motor drive, produced from 2011 to Torzhoksky wagon factory.

ET4A third in Russia train with asynchronous traction drives. The first part — ET2A produced, as well as ET4A, Torzhokskiy Wagon Works, but the unreliability of the drives of the first Russian asinhronnika led to the impossibility of using it. The second part is made by Demikhovsky Machine Building Plant — ED6. On the train were installed traction drives firm Hitachi. Because of problems with the new trucks and railcars difficulties docking equipment from different manufacturers in a series of train did not go. Now located in Omsk.

Noteworthy is the fact that ET4A almost completely developed by Russian specialists (JSC Research Institute "TransElektroPribor", OAO "Far Communications"), from the traction drive control systems and ending with toilets. From ready units purchased on the train set only security KLUB-U and door control.

In 2011, the Railways has ordered 6 wagon structure. May 12, 2011 took place the first test drive on the experimental ring VNIIZhT. In addition to the induction motor cars ET4A differ from the cars ET2M design series of doors (sliding reclining with access to the lower platform), the form of the head of the (unified with DT1), the availability of air-conditioning and wide lobbies.

Here you can read a report on the first day of the test:
http://metroblog.ru/post/3709/ (with photos and video)

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