Electricity on the island will now be permanently

Wind generator is running on the island of Reineke in Vladivostok.

Mayor Igor Pushkarev, together with the staff of the Vladivostok power grid enterprises started a wind turbine, built on the island of Reineke. By clicking on "Start", the head of the city included a stand-alone wind-diesel energy complex. Thus symbolized the beginning of a new life on the island.

 "The last 15 years we live on a fixed schedule — told the locals Igor Pushkarev — light appeared in the homes for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. Wind generator is included in the test mode, and we have appreciated its benefits. Thank you for it" .

"Autonomous wind-diesel energy complex — installation, which works on the principle of mutual backup of wind power and energy from the diesel generator. Automation, depending on the wind strength and consumer load itself determines where at the moment favorable to" take "power. During peak loads, If wind power is not enough, diesel generator turned on. When the load fall off, automatic switches for the use of wind power, — said the head of Roman Giryavets, director of "Ferrum".

According to experts, the use of wind power efficiently in areas where average annual wind speed of 5 meters per second. The average annual wind speed on the island of Reineke more than 6 meters per second. This means that the power plant herein will work most of the time of year. Only in rare cases will turn on the diesel generator.

Using a new and unique to the installation of Primorye and give tangible financial savings in the city budget. As the deputy chief of staff Alexander Yurov to provide inhabitants with electricity for a few hours a day, here were imported oil. Now costs reduced three times.

"The main thing, in addition to the savings — we give people a whole new level of comfort, — said Igor Pushkarev — it's impossible to imagine that in today's world, someone lived without electricity. Reineke Island — this is only the first stage of the project wind power generation. Currently under development and design solutions for the island Popov in 2014. "

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