Electrochemical Machines Ufa production is exported to Japan

In Japan in the next few days will go a precision electrochemical machines Ufa production: the company "ECM" has sold its Japanese firm APC AEROSPECIALTY INC.

According to experts of the company, electrochemical machines of "ET", produced by LLC "ECM", are significantly higher than on the technological parameters known world analogues, including Japanese. 

— Authors and Project Management is proud of the result achieved. Sale of high-tech equipment produced in Russia to Japan and the recognition of its technological superiority — a rare occasion, if not unique to the modern domestic engineering — commented Deputy General Director of "ECM" Idar Girfanov. 
The machine will be installed at one of the firms in the city of Gifu. It is intended to be used for the production of automotive parts and tool industry, as well as to demonstrate to potential buyers. 

details on the company "ECM" here

According Idar Girfanov, with the firm APC AEROSPECIALTY INC signed an agreement providing for the sale of machines series "ET" in the markets of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, the implementation in the region as dealers, service center and applique. 
In the formation in 2013 by a sufficient volume of orders is planned to establish on the basis of APC AEROSPECIALTY INC «screwdriver" production of certain models of machines series "ET". Thus from Russia will be delivered only electronic control units and software containing know-how. 
At present, the training of Japanese experts to work on the machine and its maintenance. 

Ltd. "ECM" — Russia's largest producer of high-tech machines for precision electrochemical machining of metals and alloys. The company is a full member of the Association of Engineering Technology "Stankoinstrument."

Machines LLC "ECM" work in a wide variety of industries, both in Russia and abroad. The company was founded in 2009 in Ufa, in order to produce high-precision environmentally friendly electrochemical machines for making parts from a wide range of metals, alloys, metal ceramics and nanostructured materials.

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