Electronic heart came from the bodies of state power of the Stavropol Territory

In Stavropol, opened the Data Processing Center (DPC) of information and telecommunications network of public authorities of the region.

Data Center operates the e-government infrastructure edge. It is provided to allow individuals and organizations to socially important state information systems Stavropol. On the server hardware deployed web-sites of the executive authorities of the region, the site is "people's control", a portal of small business. In the data center also implemented technical solutions to ensure the functioning of IP-telephony network state authorities and a network of information kiosks.  

— In Stavropol earned "electronic heart" territorial government — said the Minister of Energy, Industry and Communications IC Dmitry Samatov. — This is a significant event not only for our region but also the whole of the South of Russia, because this project — a pilot. Similar centers exist in commercial structures, but for the government, such a system — a novelty. Ministries and departments have different edges of the database servers. Now they are all united under the wing of a data center, which ensures authorities greater functionality and the highest degree of information security. The main plus of the population that can receive public services in electronic form — efficiently, reliably and efficiently.

The data center is located on technological platforms CCU SC "Regional Center of Information Technologies", which is the operator of the UK e-government infrastructure and regional system of interagency electronic interaction. It is built on the server hardware, IBM. As stressed in the press service of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communications IC, the opening of the data center indicates that the government is the leading edge of new technologies, modern-thinking, well-investing their resources.

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