EMSS upgrades machining process

On Energomashspetsstal (EMSS) (part of the group of companies "Atomenergomash") commissioned a new roll-turning lathe "Hercules", which will handle the details of rotation of up to 300 tons. In addition to carrying capacity, this unique German lathe and milling machine makes the presence of a grinding tool.

 Photo source:rosatom.ru

Before installing the machine German company "Hercules" model lathe with the largest capacity in the Energomashspetsstal was KZH16165 capacity of 250 tons. The benefits of "Hercules" can also be attributed to its accuracy. When processing of the items can achieve accuracy up to 0.01 mm in the diameter of 2 meters. In addition, the machine is equipped with modern CNC system with the capabilities of the measurement tool and workpiece measurement. 
"ROLL machine" Hercules "is capable of doing, not only precise turning, but the grinding and milling in two planes — the head machining workshop EMSS Konstantin Morozov. — Previously responsible heavy items such as bodies of rotation for finish grinding, we were sent to the "Turboatom" or resorted to the help of Russian enterprises. Now it is possible, and in our factory. With the help of "Hercules", we will be able to make back-up rolls for all mills. "
Ability finish grinding of critical parts of rotation — it's a whole new level of production, indicating the building up capacities of the enterprise "EMSS". This machine is combined with modern cutting tools will significantly reduce the time taken to process details, reduce the cost of co-operation, will increase the market for products manufactured at EMSS. Launch of the machine — this is another step in the program of manufacturing and machining of ingots weighing up to 500 tons.

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