Encyclopedia of the atom. Inside the reactor,

Encyclopedia of the atom (part 3). Inside the reactor,

The film "Inside the reactor" — the continuation of the series "Encyclopedia of the atom," the authors are not only traveled to many Russian nuclear power plants (and traveled to Iran), not only were in the reactor room, where they release the bloggers in our tours, they have done the impossible — found a way to remove Chief, internal water circuit from the inside during construction.

I remind you that want to have a chance to personally go to the Russian nuclear power plants. Details here: http://blogi.rosenergoatom.ru/go-to-aes/

Now Showing 3 of the 5 series "Encyclopedia of the atom." The other two can be found at Vesti by clicking on the roller.

Anyone interested in nuclear energy strongly recommend Rosatom blog about his projects:
Nuclear construction

Learn Mirror: http://atomstroyka.livejournal.com/

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