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"I believe which can be go to partners, very fundamental, only when we have an agreed position, we have a cooperative view, as further action. If we are indeed in these people, Away, do not start arguments. It’s just shameful. Need to argue here, and you need to go, come to a consensus. Need to go when we have an agreed position. Now that is not present, and everybody knows it. "
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council — the reasons for their own failure to go to the United States with a delegation of the opposition.
"I believe that such a request has the right to exist."
German Gref, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation — on the request of the Belarusian government for a loan of 1.5 billion dollars.
"I feel European. Zenon Pozniak When I educate, I perfectly realize that we — Europeans."
Minsk resident response to the question "Liberty" "Do you consider yourself the Europeans?"
"There is enough in Russia most of the people who believe that" Operation Successor "- a izymatelstvo over the people. Need to choose a competitive struggle — and most worthy. The former Soviet Union is Lukashenko one of the most outstanding favorites. "
Igor Brewers, assistant head of the Russian movement "Our presidential candidate in Russian Federation in 2008, Alexander Lukashenko."
"Praise must beautiful lady — for her beauty. And if you’re the manager, you should be afraid."
Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s new president — in answer to the question of "Freedom" or fear its citizens of the republic.
"All these information flows mud rigged numbers, attracted" by the ears "arguments focused on the creation and consolidation in the minds of the Russian people’s perceptions of" Belarusian boarder " who live at the expense of the Russian Federation ".
Vasily Dolgolev salting Belarus in Russia — Russian media on politics.
"Suvorov — bloody butcher, who was not involved in any war of liberation. At no! And the title" Generalissimo "he received for defeating Belarusians over Litvinov over the Poles. And if we perpetuate such as Suvorov, then it’s just end of the world. "
Ales Petrashkevich writer — plans to build a temple in honor of Kobrin Alexander Suvorov.
"How to put the temple-monument to a man who was himself an invader? Its impossible to incriminate unassumingly. He was a man of. He was devoted to the throne, the king, in their awareness of the Fatherland. He correctly served their state, making her orders and was a brilliant military leader . But what it turned around for us he made the blood of Tadeusz Kosciuszko uprising. here I do not understand. Not so long ago on television showed a film dedicated to Kosciusko. Kosciuszko not close the museum, even restored it — I read about it. And here is a monument Suvorov. This is a reflection of porridge, which in the minds of our state ideology. "
Valentin Taras, writer — plans to build a temple in honor of Kobrin Alexander Suvorov.
"The sovereignty of Belarus is now more important. Lukashenko will at some point, essentially, that Belarus remains to be independent."
Kirkilas, Lithuanian Prime Minister — in an interview with the Belgian edition of "EUobserver".
"In the Belarusian law enforcement agencies are still many people with pro-Kremlin sentiments making even more uncomfortable position of Alexander Lukashenko. "
From an article in the Belgian edition of "EUobserver".
"We will insist on ensuring freedom where we can insist — in places like Cuba, Belarus and Myanmar."
George Bush, the U.S. president — speaking at the National Governors Association meeting states.
"The unprecedented case. And this happened when we went to these" showdown "with the Russians. When they began to rise in price scare energoelementov, cement, concrete, etc.. This is generally in any box, any gate not climbing in comparison with the average earnings normal working citizen of the Republic of Belarus. "
Prostolupov Nicholas, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Real Estate — the reasons for the rapid growth in real estate prices in Minsk.
"Now I have, let’s say, if I was selling two-bedroom apartment for a week and half she jumped in value by 8 thousand dollars. And one of my colleagues said, three a day or he jumped apartment for 10 thousand!"
Lena Belsky, a real estate agent — a rapid increase in the prices of apartments in Minsk.
"For us it is a fashion course, and we believe that the Belarusian language is very elitist, and it does not have everything, and those who have, consider it a great honor for — read in the native language of the mother. Second reason that we wish to show We act locally, we’re here next to our Belarusian customers. "
Lena Rantsevich representative office "Samsung" in Belarus — about advertising on whiteRussian language.
"Europe realized that if unstable is in Belarus, it is unstable and will be in Europe."
"Like it or someone is not present in the West must realize that the main thing of all — our friendship with the Russians. We joke with the saint will not."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in an interview with the Qatari satellite channel "Al Jazeera".
"That part of the Congress, which is now likely to accept the decision on the reorientation of Belarusian democratic forces in the east. If calculate that there will be decisions — they will not pro-European, they may not be pranezalezhnitskiya."
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council of the democratic forces — Congress of Democratic Forces, in which he refused to participate.
"The Emperor Kramer said exactly what their attitudes toward democracy in Belarus and Belarusian independence is not affected by external factors, does not change the situation in the Belarusian-Russian relations. He stressed that Washington would not negotiate with Moscow heads floor Belarusians there will be no separate komplotov the fate of Belarus. "
Vintsuk Vyachorka, chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party — talk about the opposition delegation by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer.
"Our homeland Lukashenko seeks to change the post-Soviet pro-Russian favorite, who would have started economic reforms."
Taras Kuzio, South American researcher — in "Belarus vs. Russia" in the newspaper «Kyiv Post».
"I’ll go wherever the birthplace send."
Vladimir Naumov, Minister of the Interior, which banned race in the U.S. and the EU — the ability of his trip to the UN conference in New York.
"We need to realize the seriousness of the difficulties, if the Schengen visa fee amounts to a third of the country’s average income of the Belarusian population. Naturally, we are not interested in contacts with the West have become inaccessible to the majority of Belarusians and that we so makarom just might please Lukashenko."
Marieluise Beck, the German Bundestag deputy from the Party of greenish — about increasing the price of a Schengen visa for the people of Belarus to 60 euros.

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