End quote: 5.02.2007-9.02.2007

Ex-presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich about celebrating the 79th anniversary of the BNR March 25:
"Prazdnichek be celebrated only on the area Kalinowski. This fundamentally it morally. If we go to another place — we will change for themselves."
Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich about publishing the story of Vasil Bykov:
"" No. "verb", which for the first time published "The Bunker", sold out in two weeks and sold. And it gave optimism encouraged to publish a separate book. "
President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Rene van der Linden, the ability of cooperation with Lukashenko if Minsk accept conditions PACE on political prisoners:
"I do not shed cooperation with the government, on the contrary — if they are willing to go in the right direction."
Grandson of Alexander Kozulin Vlad:
"" I wish that my grandfather came faster and faster so God he has promoted … "
Activist of "Young Front" Zmitser Fedoruk for questioning in the KGB:
"" They asked us to write a paper about what we get out of the "Young Front", paper remorse nepravaty own understanding. Asked to write a letter to the president that we dissolve the "Young Front" that it is no more.
Journalist Yulia Sal’nikova for questioning in the Gomel Prosecutor:
"" I was summoned to the prosecutor’s office, where the head of the department of general supervision Eliseev tried me byread on, I work on zabugornye radio. Elisha showed me an article marked 1 369 of the Penal Code, which stipulates criminal liability for disk imaging transfer foreign funds mass disk imaging, that there discredit style image Republic of Belarus in the international arena. It is punishable by law. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Vintsuk Vyachorka criteria of the European Union marked the official Minsk:
"" The conditions that determined at the moment the European Commission — twelve criterion democratization — this is an environment in which should live and Belarusian people. "
Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka criticized Lukashenko to the Belarusian case Western opposition:
"" It’s just Such political jealousy policy whose time is completed. "
Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus fuel policy:
"" We put ourselves in front of the puzzle that we solve all means — diversification of hydrocarbon supplies to Belarus. "
Inhabitant of Grodno
"" In today’s prices need to earn for sure at least a few thousand dollars. "
Golshanskaya branch director of the State Museum of Belarus Czeslaw Okulevich magic case:
"There was one evening I somehow museums. I think I’ll go and have a look, turned out the lights? Outside grimly. All which can be, ablaze. With anger all rule. I went to one little room. Only reached to eliminate one switch, and suddenly I see that someone’s hand on my sight it mattersis for me. I have numb feet … "

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