Energy saving in the Ivanovo region


Installed in the Ivanovo region energy-efficient equipment has saved hundreds of thousands of rubles

On the second lift pumping station was installed adjustable frequency converter (VFD) and a pressure sensor in the trunk. When changing the flow rate converter receives a signal from the pressure sensor and regulates the rotational speed of the pump motor so that the pressure in the water supply remains constant, regardless of the intensity of water consumption. At the same time, according to experts on the equipment, reduced power consumption, virtually eliminated hammering the network and, as a consequence, reduces the number of pipeline accidents, as well as eliminates shock to the power grid at the start of the drive.

— When installing the inverter to the objects with heavy-duty engines benefit all — said deputy director of LLC "Energy Center" Leonid Zaitsev. — MUPP saves energy, time and resources to address the water pipe breaks, residents receive a steady pressure in the taps and water are much better quality.

— Frequency converter in Kohma installed in 2008 at the pumping station number 3, — says chief power MUPP "Kohmabytservis" Ivan Emelin. — The pumping station provides drinking water district Working settlement Kohma, where about half the population of the city. After the commissioning of the inverter power savings of about 45%, or 20-25 thousand rubles a month. Savings in the first year of operation totaled 286 thousand rubles.

These first "progress" in the field of energy saving Kohma occurred prior to the adoption in 2009 of the Federal Law № 261-FZ "On Energy Saving …". The law required at the initial stage of the program to develop energy-saving municipalities, institutions and widespread conduct energy audits and monitoring of resource consumption to determine the possibility of upgrading equipment to improve energy efficiency.

In early 2011, has been developed and approved by municipal program "Energy Efficiency in the urban district Kohma for 2011-2012", aimed at improving energy efficiency in the production, transmission and consumption of energy resources and the creation of conditions for the transfer of the economy and the public sector to the energy saving path development.

The program conducted energy audits of public institutions and public utilities institutions, metering devices are installed resources, and gradually modernized system of electricity, heat, gas and water supply.

Convinced of the economic benefits of the installation of new equipment, the guidance of MUPP "Kohmabytservis" decided to savings in 2011 to establish a reserve inverter. The cost of the work amounted to 165 thousand rubles.
To maintain the equipment in good working condition of the inverter switching is done once a month.
In addition, in 2011, was developed by the general scheme of the urban district heating Kohma containing a set of technical solutions to ensure the most cost-effective, high-quality and reliable heat supply with minimal negative impact on the environment.

— Development of district heating scheme was one of the activities of the program of energy saving Kokhma, — says Sergei Elivanov, deputy director of state enterprise "Ivanovo Energy Efficiency Centre", is developing a scheme. — According to the results of a plan of development and optimization of heating systems with the prospect of 15 years, calculated the options to optimize the heating system of the city and options for development, taking into account long-term plans, intended effect of the implementation of the proposed solutions. Also developed a unified model for interactive electronic adjustment of thermal and hydraulic regimes of the heating system, which is an effective tool to improve energy efficiency in housing.

Much remains to be done, and the main obstacle to the implementation of the plans is the limited budget of the city district. However, the example MUPP "Kohmabytservis" indicates that the savings from the implementation of energy saving measures in the hundreds of thousands of rubles, which can be directed to other urgent needs.


In the Ivanovo school lessons in energy conservation 



The company "Ivenergosbyt" in the framework of the Law on Energy has taken the initiative of saving lessons in Ivanovo schools. The idea was supported "Ivanovo Energy Efficiency Centre" — One of the major energy auditing organizations in the region and the performer of the work on the implementation of the Law on Energy Conservation in the Ivanovo region.

The first lesson was held on April 5 8 "A" class MBOU "School № 4" Ivanovo. The specialists of the technical audit of "Ivenergosbyt" have told the students that the term implies a saving, what are the basic principles and methods of rational use of energy. Employees of state enterprise "Ivanovo Energy Efficiency Centre" was told that each of the children and their parents can take yourself to save energy in your home or at school.

After the lesson director of secondary school number 4 Nikolay Markov noted that such activities — undertaking a very interesting and useful.
— Energy conservation is one of today's most relevant topics, so the basis of economy of energy resources need to be understood by even the youngest citizens of our country. Thanks to these lessons deal with a difficult task: to attract the attention of young people to the rational use of energy resources, creating a culture of saving among the young generation.

In turn, according to the director of "Ivenergosbyt" Andrey Mitrofanov:
— We have taken the initiative of conducting such studies, because the interest in energy conservation is growing, but only by qualified personnel who daily deal with issues of energy efficiency, can competently explain complex issues, especially a demanding audience like children. Our company is interested in the fact that residents of the Ivanovo region known principles and ways to save energy and have implemented them in practice. And this knowledge is necessary to develop a very young age.

— We were pleasantly surprised by the readiness of children for the lesson and their genuine interest in energy conservation, — says the first deputy director of state enterprise "Ivanovo Energy Efficiency Centre" Dmitry Filippov. — We hope that in the near future, these lessons will become commonplace and will be held regularly in every school throughout the area. We are pleased to support "Ivenergosbyt" in such a useful initiative, and in the future will try to co-ordinate the work in such a way as to cover as many schools by the end of this school year.

 The first lesson was successful. To perform this test was specifically designed program that includes an introduction to the basics of energy conservation and alternative energy sources, discussion of methods of saving resources with display stand and measuring instruments.

 The greatest interest of the children called demonstration devices, which are used for carrying out energy audits in businesses and homes: thermal imaging pyrom
eter, light meter, range finder and others. Some of the most simple-to-use devices guys tried their own.

April 19 at secondary school № 4 Ivanov was the second lesson saving for school. The initiator of the event was of "Ivenergosbyt" in conjunction with the Regional State Unitary Enterprise "Ivanovski center energy efficiency."

Teachers at this unusual class were members of "Ivenergosbyt": technical audit team leader Andrew Meremyanin, an electrical engineer of the technical audit Boris Sergevnin and deputy director of state enterprise "Ivanovo Energy Efficiency Centre" Dmitry Filippov.

Pupils 8 "B" class talked about the importance of energy conservation, explain what an energy audit is and what it needs. The children showed instruments that are used in energy audits. For example, using a thermal imager can detect the temperature of objects without touching them. We have a thermal imager display, which shows the temperature distribution on the objects in the form of a color image. This device is used for energy audits and helps identify areas of heat loss. Demonstration instrument park is of particular interest to students.

Also, students explained that this energy conservation, what are the main principles and methods of rational use of energy, and that he personally each student can independently take to save energy in your home or at school. Simple things such as turning off electrical appliances from the outlet, the use of energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent light bulbs, sealing the windows or descaling the kettle helps to save on the consumption of electricity and heat in his apartment. The lessons were accompanied by a presentation on energy saving, specially prepared for such events. The boys took an active part in the discussion, answered questions, and asked her, thus showing great interest in the study of methods of energy conservation in homes.

The main purpose of these lessons is to attract young people to issues of energy, energy saving and energy resources, promotion of energy-saving ideas among students, creating a culture of saving among young people, the creation of incentives to conserve resources and energy, and stimulate interest in the practical application of the knowledge acquired in school.

Thus was the start of a series of such lessons are held in the city of Ivanovo and will be held in the Ivanovo region. 


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