Energy-saving nanotechnology — from Tyumen scientists

Tyumen scientists for more than 20 years involved with energy efficiency. They have developed technologies are actively used not only directly in the Tyumen region, but also in other regions of Russia. Recently, their invention — a nanomaterial that can make any room warm with minimal costs.

Scientists Tyumen State University of Architecture and Construction have begun to address energy and resursosberzheniya back in the 1990s, long before the coming into force of the Federal Law "On energy saving". In particular, as noted in the last week held a meeting on the Day of Russian Science, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor of heat and ventilation Nicholas Kurylenko, in the 1990s, with the direct participation of Architecture and Civil Engineering in the Tyumen region began to be used stand-alone systems heating, with the help of which were reduced loss for the transportation of resources, increased the level of comfort of the residents of the region. In addition, the scientists of the university have been designed first polyethylene pipeline and the first roof boilers, which are now widespread in Russia.

"Issues resursosberzheniya recently the country has received increased attention because of the waste of certain types of energy, the sharp increase in tariffs, increasing domestic energy prices due to Russia's accession to the WTO. Today, the average level of total losses of energy in Russia is about 10%. Of the total losses of energy in Russia make up about 10% of our losses in the utilities sector, and 90% — the use of imperfect technology. Our task is to reduce it to a minimum — modern technology allows you to do ", — said Mykola Kurylenko.

For example, according Kurylenko, thanks to thermal imagers today can determine the places where a house loses heat to the greatest extent, to find out why, and to use this experience in subsequent work. By the way, the lowest heat losses today are prefabricated homes, the largest — frame.

"The frame house, of course, wins in saving building materials, also has high strength and rigidity. But from the standpoint of Thermal — compared to other houses has the largest number of anomalous zones heat loss. However, this does not mean that the construction of frame houses should not refuse — there are modern materials that can reduce heat loss to a minimum. And one of them is designed Tyumen scientists "- said PhD, assistant professor Galina Zimakova.

According to her, at the heart of the nanotech materials are microspheres that have infrared reflection, the ability to repeatedly re-emit the energy within yourself and special metallootrazhayuschim pigment. It is worth noting the development of the Tyumen scientists already in use in the construction industry in the region — nanotech material used in the construction of the building at the intersection of Melnikaite-Kharkiv (covered exterior walls). According to estimates, the savings in money, thanks to the use of the new heat-saving technology, made from every square meter of 17%, also significantly reduced construction time. But the most important thing — recent studies have shown that there are no heat losses.

Note, at the moment the development of the Tyumen scientists widespread use in construction is not found. However, it is likely that in the future will be actively used by local builders.

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