Energy-saving technologies in the Irkutsk region

Modern innovative energy-saving technologies have reached and the Irkutsk region. A few days left before the start of a new complex on the highway M-53. At Moscow road near junction on the settlement Railroad station and Thelma experts found and mounted 8 poles with solar panels and wind power generators. The equipment allows for all kinds of weather to accumulate a charge of sunlight and wind.

   Automatically set up the equipment at dusk light the lamps on bus shelters and pedestrian crossings at this point the track. While this is the first site where the work will ultramodern technology called "Turbo-San-Energy". The federal target program, approved by the Russian government, provides equipment such systems an additional 11 points in the Irkutsk region. The total cost of the works is estimated at 840 million rubles. However, experts claim that the costs of installation, installation and operation of wind turbines and solar panels will be paid back within a year and a half. Even today, transit, motorists and local residents, pedestrians will be able to take advantage of modern science and technology — a set up and put into operation. For many people passing by, this picture is surprise and delight.

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