ENIKS — manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles

CJSC "ENIKS" (Kazan) was established in 1988. The team is formed of aviation professionals with experience in the creation and production of UAV systems. Software, navigation and piloting systems, gyrostabilised optical systems and mathematical models of unmanned systems and the target is fully developed by specialists of CJSC "ENIKS."

The developed multi-purpose complexes with UAVs "Aileron 3", "Aileron 10", supplied power ministries: Ministry of Emergency Situations, the FSB, MVD, fuel and energy companies, forest conservation, arctic expeditions and other organizations. The use of complexes is carried out in different climatic zones in the desert, the tropics, the taiga, mountainous and swampy areas, including in the Caucasus, in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, the Astrakhan region., Malaysia, Thailand, India, in the North Pole.

Now is working with the "Rosoboronexport" to promote the development and production on the world market. Currently, there are pending requests from seven foreign customers for the purchase of the complexes' Aileron 3 "and" Aileron 10 "and 8 foreign customers — the purchase of an air target set E95.

Delivery complexes Defense Ministry carried out since 2006.


Complexes raised in the Defense Ministry:

-complex aerial target E08, produced more than twenty targets and secured acceptance testing of the product 9M311 in 2008;

— complex monitoring "Aileron 10", comes from 2008, including a version of RTR;

-special intelligence means on the basis of UAVs. The complex is adopted for the MVD of Russia, comes presented in 2010;

— complex "Bomb 2" with a remotely piloted air target small-sized E-95M. GI phase is carried out on the basis of a / h 15650.

Based on the results of comparative tests of domestic complexes with UAVs by the Commission in April, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in October 2010, the complexes' Aileron 3 "and" Aileron 10 "were among the winners. Currently selected complexes are in the process of state tests on the basis of glycerol them. Chkalov to putting them on production in the interests of the Defense Ministry.

During the work, now, as the main executor carried out a number of research and development to create complex UAVs, such as:

— complex "Tipchak-RN" in the interests of Grau delivery unmanned aerial vehicle in the area of intelligence projectile SRZO "Twister" — 1996; 

— manned-unmanned aerial target l2m complex, since 1996, providing enterprises with the developers of air defense of more than 200 products in 2007 with a set of 30 targets through FSUE "Rosoboronexport" (put a foreign customer);

— Intelligence complex wearable "Gunner" in the interest of State GSH. In 2000. (Delivered in two complex interspecific center BP BAC Defense Ministry);

— wearable mobile monitoring complex "Aileron 3" in different versions (with 2005 series delivered, mostly law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, more than 110 UAVs);

— UAV-target simulator aircraft in the simulator for training an army air defense (40 sets).

The company owns administrative — industrial premises of 4750 sq. m. with the territory of 2.5 hectares.

Production capacity can produce annually up to 70 systems with two types of UAVs "Aileron 3" and "Aileron 10" and up to 30 air targets such as E-95.

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