Escape from the Fatherland

According to the Department of Humanitarian Affairs Office of the President of Belarus, a woman who remained in the U.S., born in 1991, lived in Borisov in custody with a family with a grandmother.
"This is the first case in recent years when the United States returned to Belarus is not a child who is sent for recovery," — told Interfax in the department.
Acting U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Jonathan Moore on this occasion, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus. "The Belarusian authorities, naturally, want to soon return of all participants applets — the sovereign said Moore. — The program has already been completed, and all shall return. This standard humanitarian program that in which the kids leave for rest and recovery from the effects of the Chernobyl disaster."
This is not the first similar case. In 2006 there was a Belarusian-Italian diplomatic scandal surrounding the 11-year-old orphan Vicky Frost.She was a pupil Vileika boarding and within a couple years gastsila on vacation in Italy in Cogoleto family Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin. Wife did not want to, so the girl vorachivalas back to the hostel. They claimed that the girl was the victim of physical violence and sexy at home, and within 20 days hid Vika Moroz in the Alps.
Currently Vika Moroz brought up in a family zhodintsev Lena and Sergei Vassilievo. Representatives of the Belarusian Embassy in Italy said that Vick is not subject Claus internationalist adoptions.
Meanwhile, the problem becomes more accurate the latest political exile from Belarus.
This week it became clear also about not returning to Belarus journalist of "Belarusians and Market" Olga Biryukova, who asked for shelter in the UK. She stated that her life is in danger.
Emigration: Why? For what? Where?
Discussion on the loose
By that Belarusians are moving abroad? 
Belarusian presence outside the country in the near future price increases not only migrant workers, and political refugees, students who for various reasons are obliged to continue their studies in universities zabugornyh or unwilling vorachivatsya home after vacation.
Repeating the Vika Moroz?
"Minor citizen of Belarus can not decide whether to stay in another country — said the bodies of citizenship and movement.
IISEPS so or not? 
Results of the survey registered in Lithuania "independent Institute of Socio-economic and political research"
You want to move to another country on a fixed place of residence, if you score such an opportunity?

You want to work temporarily in any EU country, if I had such an opportunity?

How are Belarusians to those who leave?


V. Biryukov: "Opportunities for adaptation excellent"

On the days of the weekly columnist "Belarusians and Market" Olga Biryukov asked for political refuge in England. At the moment, a journalist based in London and expects the verdict migration services responsible for the function of the legalization of immigrants.
Leave or not to leave?

AlreadyI’m 10 years in exile. I moved from Poland to the Czech Republic in 1998, the family joined me a year later.

J. Cooley, "Who left displaced, dreaming back"

Belarus applets Kalinouski patronizes Committee of the repressed "Solidarity". Chairman of the Committee Inna Cooley believes that everyone initially focused on his own.

A.Radkov: child wishes home

Underage citizen wants to go back to Belarus, said today at a press conference, the Minister of Education Alexander Radkov.
Ukrainians and Russians often "pretend" Belarusians abroad
Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich says that special statistical Belarusians who remain abroad, does not exist. But the trends are obvious hunted down.
For the case study joined Arnold Schwarzenegger

Foreign Ministry spokesman said that to solve the problem of California joined the governor’s office, which liaises with the authorities of the town of Petaluma (California, near San Francisco), where there is a Belarusian girl.

In the U.S., delayed departure Belarusian kids home

A group of Belarusian kids arrived in San Francisco airport to fly home after rehabilitation in families Yankees.
The journalist asked for political shelter
Olga Biryukov asked for political refuge in London. But no details and did not give the journalist comments.

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