Estonian media about our hero … Surprisingly, and to be honest

We have long been accustomed to that proud and independent Baltic states meaning of its existence made hatred of Russia, and on any occasion. 

And here it catches the eye of the article that I least expected to see .. So it's suddenly in the middle of streams of lies and filth that I decided to duplicate it here. 


While in Russia grow these guys, Russian still have much to be proud of ("Delfi.eeEstonia)


For which gained momentum in Estonia hype around the Russian punk band Pussy Riot has remained almost unnoticed by the simple story of the Russian battalion commander Sergei Solnechnikova. 

He was killed on Wednesday in circumstances that many in the current cynical times quite ready to accept almost as cinematic. If it were not true. It is such that combat training conscript soldier threw a grenade failed, it fell to the parapet and rolled down into the trench. The battalion commander, Major John Dory pushed the soldier away and lay down on the grenade. He died, but his men survived. 

Here we like to mark time on the subject — Russia is so-and-so, there is no democracy, there is not one-another, the third, the system does not listen to the opposition, non-system is clamped. Eventually all hulls. And do not peel — that country, and any, early to write off if it grows guys like this combat. 

And it seems to me that our president has once again lured values, so sloppy checking out next to the inversion of self-sacrifice and heroism — Pussy Riot. And would take with her romantic nature and noted, for example, that pays tribute to the heroism of Russian officer! 

Sergei Solnechnikovu awarded the title of Hero of Russia — albeit not as the first response of the authorities, and, as they say, after the treatment of soldiers' mothers. Either way, it means that Russia's scale of values is not quite go nuts. 

Today, as easily talk like, "Well, would have killed or crippled several soldiers from stupidity of one of them, to know the fate of, well, the girls express themselves in the temple, you will think," such as John Dory, put everything in its place, at the cost life reviving the concept of "honor", "duty", "responsibility". And we, Russian, still have much to be proud of. Just eat — and all.

Reader Comments

Read the comments … Eternal memory to the wonderful, bright man who was killed in an instant for his friends … And he would like to live so live … But listen to what I tell you, the person served for four decades, almost to the day … Bertold Brecht said by the mouth of one of the heroes of his dramas TA HAPPY COUNTRY WHERE THERE IS NO NEED TO HAVE HEROES, the Company should not be limited to the delight feat not least it should indignant answer the question, but as a hero has appeared, What is the order of the army, when supposed to be a bullet-proof vest on combat exercise, and they are not clothed …. Why throwing a grenade near a crowd of onlookers … Why throwing a grenade could not leave her. He probably did not follow the norm in throwing discs … After all, with such a one-sided admiration for the heroism of an epidemic of a sloven regimental commander pierces a hole in his uniform for the education of the hero … instead of in court to answer those questions. 

Vkon:  Not for nothing has read to the end — and you expressed my thoughts. By statute, not like in the same trench — the hazard distance no one should have been. For his reward someone hid from responsibility. But … (And this thought me too is haunted!), He also knew about this requirement. Maybe it's like always? — Please ignore the truism, and then perform the feat?.

vovan: Alas! .. Holes from someone else's sloppiness is necessary to close the bodies of heroes. In the similar case of the Estonian army was about 12 years ago. Soldier grenade dropped at his feet. The officer did everything I could. He remained blind disabled.

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