EU delegation brought roadmap

The delegation met with representatives of the official Minsk and the democratic opposition.
Hugues Mingarelli met in Minsk with officials — namely, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov the purpose of the visit, said:
"This is a continuation of dialogue, which we do with the European Commission has been a while. About that, as the parties spoke at a meeting in Luxembourg on 13 October."

Speaker Henryk LitwinSalting Poland to Belarus Henryk Litwin, Speaking at the Belarusian-Polish Economic Forum in Minsk "Neighborhood-2008", said the talks are at a sufficiently high level. Their results should be a "basis for a richer development of relations in the not to distant future, both in the political and economic sphere." Sovereign Lytvyn expects "positive course of these negotiations really opens the latest page in cooperation between Belarus and the EU." Answering the questions of "Freedom", the emperor Lytvyn noted that the delegation came with some "road map" of what awaits EU from Belarus, with certain offers.
"At the moment, negotiations are underway with the European Union delegation arrived fairly accurate picture of how things should be developed, what the EU expects from Belarus that offers Belarus. And we just support the structures of the European Union in this work. We participate in the preparation of these proposals expectations. But while leaving work structures of the European Union. "

Speaker Henryk Litwin
Sovereign Lytvyn noted that Poland supports reducing the cost of Schengen visas and simplification of trips people of Belarus to the European Union.
Now also held a meeting with the ambassadors Mingarelli sovereign European states accredited in Minsk. And now the European Union delegation met with representatives of the democratic opposition. UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko said:

Anatoly Lebedko"We have a willingness to number one. Our task at this meeting, and — in including promote the four "baskets" that we have and that may be content of the "road map." We will do emphasis on the hierarchy of values. And at that time flows, already there are not 6, and 5 months. "
Recall, 13 October in Luxembourg European Council decided stop 6 months visa sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko and several officials. At the same meeting accomplished minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov and EU High Representative for outer Policy chief Javier Solana. It was agreed that the EU delegation to visit Minsk. Martynov then expressed readiness official Minsk to improve relations and overcome differences.

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