EU may reconsider sanctions against Belarus

Such a statement on behalf of the EU Presidency made on August 26.
"The EU is not once stated that he believes the release of all political prisoners important step to perform duties concerning Belarus basic democratic values, reverence for human rights and the rule of law," — said in a statement.
"Recent developments does the opportunity for gradual resumption of dialogue with the Belarusian authorities and the possibility of reviewing the restrictive measures against Belarus. In this spirit, the European Union expects that Belarus will continue to pursue this course and still be absolutely respect human rights."
Currently there is a ban on race in Europe for Alexander Lukashenko and a number of other control Belarus, which was introduced after the 2006 presidential election. The European Union and the United States accused the Belarusian authorities of rigging the elections, harassment of political opponents and the media-independent.
M.Grib: "From the list of banned still had no utility"
Past chairman of the Supreme Council of Mieczyslaw Mushroom believes that the lists of banned in the EU in any case you want to cancel as ineffective.
Belarust calls on the EU
Last political prisoner, one of the favorites of the Social Democrats Statkevich so commented the EU’s willingness to mitigate sanctions against the Belarusian regime:

A.Logvinets: "I do not think the EU will immediately lift all restrictions"

European Alliance ready to reconsider sanctions against Belarus in connection with the release of Belarusian political prisoners.
A. Milinkevich: "Right in front of Belarus necessary step the European Union"
Managing unregistered movement "For Freedom", the last presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich welcomed the readiness of the EU to reconsider sanctions against the Belarusian regime in response to the release of political prisoners.
"In 1-x I have always been and remain for dialogue, for the fact that turn-based strategy has been developed, such road map and from Belarus, and from the European Union. Release of political prisoners — this is for all of us an important event, it is a moral step and I believe that the EU should react to it.
Vyachorka: "Very early build mate Belarusian regime"
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka believes that talk about the easing of sanctions against the Belarusian regime in advance.
"It is necessary to recall the eminent-step principle. Lukashenko has caught political prisoners to release them, you could start trading situation. There is no guarantee that he will not catch the next, as all saved articles of the Criminal Code, which allow lure to criminal prosecution for political activities.

List of Belarusian officials banned was banned in the EU Arrivals in 2006
1st Alexander Lukashenko, President
Second Gennady Nyavyhlas, then head of the Presidential Administration
3rd Pyatkevich Natalia, Deputy Managing Presidential Administration
Fourth Anatoly Rubinov, deputy head of the Presidential Administration
5th Oleg Proleskovsky, then Chief of the Presidential Administration of ideological control
2nd Alexander Radkov, Minister of Education
Seventh Vladimir Rusakievich Minister disk imaging
Viktor Golovanov eighth, Minister of Justice
Ninth Zimouski Alexander, chairman of BTRC
Tenth Vladimir Konoplev, the then Speaker of the House of Representatives
Eleventh Cherginets Nicholas, member of the Board of
Sergei twelfth Kastsyan, member of the House of Representatives
Thirteenth Misha Horde, member of the House of Representatives
Fourteenth Nikolai Lozovik, CEC Secretary
Peter Miklashevich fifteenth, the then Attorney General
Sixteenth Slizhevsky Oleg, Head of public associations of the Ministry of Justice
Seventeenth Alexander Kharitonov, head of special management of public associations of the Ministry of Justice
Eighteenth Evgeny Smirnov, deputy chairman of the Supreme Economic Court
Nineteenth Hope Reutskaya arbitrator Metropolitan Court of Minsk
Twentieth Nikolay Trubnikov — referee Partyzanski Court of Minsk
20 first Nikolai Kupriyanov — Deputy Attorney General
20 second Stepan Sukharenko — then Chairman of the KGB
20 3rd Vasily Dementey — Deputy Chairman of the KGB
20 fourth Leonid Kozik — Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus
20 5th Alexander Kolyada — Managing Brest Regional Election Commission
20 second Usov Nikolai — Managing Gomel oblast election commission
20 seventh Leonid Lucina — Managing Grodno oblast election commission
20 eighth Tatyana Kravchenko — Managing Minsk City Election Commission
20 ninth Vladimir Kurlovich — Managing Minsk oblast election commission
Nicholas thirtieth Snowstorm — Managing Mogilev Regional Election Commission
30 first Misha Pischulenok — Managing Vitebsk Regional Election Commission

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