European Commission: The normalization of relations after the political reforms

Advin: "We have very clearly realize that want Belarus would have these things, so that we could extend in Belarus the same benefits from the European Neighbourhood Policy, that have Ukraine and Moldova. This concerns not only the dialogue, and some support.
Last fall, we identified all the things that we can offer to Belarus if the political reforms have place. We wish to behold such reforms before we can restore things. We need a partner from Belarus on the other side of the negotiating table, which would share our enthusiasm for democracy, Human Rights and the rule of law. But at the moment we do not have such a partner. "
Commenting on yesterday’s statement Alexander Lukashenko about wanting to do more rather small dialogue with the West, Emma Advin said "freedom" that the EU is not yet seen positive signals configurations in Belarus:
Advin: "The important thing that we expect a very specific — we want to see the released from prison Alexander Kozulin and other political figures in Belarus. This would be a political signal. In addition we are waiting for more cooperation with Belarus Council of Europe, Belarusian visa issuing the OSCE representative on freedom of speech, too, in the end, a positive decision on our request the opening of the consulate of the European Commission in Minsk. It would all be certain steps in order to show us that there is a desire to open the newest page in our relations. But in an interview with Reuters Sovereign Lukashenko noted that our proposals are mystical requirements. "

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