Ex-Minister of Defense of Greece sentenced to 8 years in prison

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Akis Tsohatzopulos sentenced to 8 years in prison, according to Reuters.

The Court of Appeal of Athens considered proven forgery of documents, which related revenue official in the period from 2006 to 2009, in addition, the former head of the defense department was not able to explain the effect, by what means he had acquired in his name townhouse complex near the Acropolis.

Since April 2012 Akis Tsohatzopulos in custody. As part of the review, the case against the former minister, the press available information, that the accounts of the policy was discovered almost 200 million euros. On the background of the fact that a few weeks later, the data released on the facts of bribery representatives of the German defense company Ferrolstaal for the conclusion of the contract on the purchase of submarines, the investigation there were serious reasons to believe the criminal origin of the funds.

In addition to imprisonment Akis Tsohatzopulos also sentenced to a fine of 520 million euros and confiscation of property.

Tsohatzopulos himself denied the allegations and said he intends to appeal.

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