«EXCALIBUR» will be hitting a moving target

Raytheon Company has initiated a program from the modernization managed 155 mm artillery shell (UAS) Excalibur satellite-guided GPS with a new control unit and navigation GNU (guidance and navigation unit), unladen semi-active laser system SAL (semi-active laser), reported June 20 ASDNews .
«Not a single shell fired from an artillery piece, can not be compared with the» Excalibur «on the accuracy of target, which in today’s configuration gives ACC (radial deviation possible) within the borders of 4 m in 90% shooting. Now we want to achieve next level of accuracy, giving the opportunity to the gunners to hit moving targets means adjusting the control surfaces of the projectile, «said the director of programs from Excalibur company Raytheon Missile Systems Kevin Mathis (Kevin Matthies).
Brand new dual-mode guidance system will allow to upgrade the existing arsenal of missiles, not so long ago, our tests have shown the reliability of the laser guidance system able to withstand the highest pressure in the bore of the gun.
Guidance system GPS / SAL will be available not only for the modernization of 155 mm caliber shells, and 127 mm shells naval guns that will allow hitting moving land and sea targets. A new set of control is placed in the housing 127 mm projectile.
«Excalibur» proved to be an invaluable tool to minimize collateral damage. We now have the opportunity to achieve the same result in the shelling moving goals, «says vice president of Ground Combat Systems Raytheon Missile Systems Lohmeyer Michelle (Michelle Lohmeier).

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