Excursion to the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant in 2013

Arzamas Machine-Building Plant, part of the Company "Military-Industrial Company", is one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the production of wheeled armored vehicles and a leading producer of machine-building industry Nizhny Novgorod region. AMP was founded in 1972 as Arzamas automobile spare parts Gorky automobile manufacturing association. In 1980, the plant produced the first Army armored personnel carrier, and in 1981, has produced the first batch of special machines.

Assembly line multipurpose vehicles GAZ-233114 Tiger-M
Information system

Multipurpose vehicle GAZ-233114 Tiger-M from different angles

The factory specializes in manufacturing wheel armored vehicles, the most famous examples of commercially available products are rightly BTR-80 and BTR-82, multi-purpose family vehicles "Tiger" medical machines BMM, wheeled recovery vehicles ARV-K and uniform chassis UNSH.

AMZ has a wide geography of deliveries, Russian armored personnel carriers and armored cars of the family "Tiger" are very popular in the armies and law enforcement agencies from Algeria, Hungary, China, Congo, Indonesia, Sudan, Djibouti, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, etc. In some countries, deployed licensed production of armored vehicles.

On armored Tiger-M is set diesel engine JAMZ-534 turbocharged 215-hp

Managing Director of "AMW" Alexander Zolotarev said that in 2013 the volume of output will reach 916 BTR various modifications and STS "Tiger"

Of the planned 916 770 products make modifications armored personnel carriers, of which 290 units. will be delivered to the Ministry of Defense, 400 pcs. produced through Rosoboronexport and subcontractors, and 80 units. — Repair of the technical condition. In 2013 it is planned to produce and supply customers with 146 armored vehicles of the family 'tiger', of which 65 are for the domestic market and 81 on the outside.

GAZ-233114 Tiger-M during assembly, without wheels

Much of the presentation AMZ was assigned claims and analysis of identified defects during the production and use of armored vehicles. Alexander Zolotarev said that the company carefully studied the causes leading to the complaint and the measures taken to address them. For example, in 2012 the warranty park AMZ was 3425 articles, of which 3180 BTR various modifications and 245 armored vehicles of the family "Tiger." In the 2012 zareklamirovano 567 APCs and 253 STS Tiger.

In 2012, the guarantee was AMZ 245 family of products "Tiger" received complaints about 253 cars.
Following an analysis of the claims of customers and operators found that the main systems that are coming out of the building (as a% of the total number of defects)
— electrical equipment 29%
— transmission 20%
— Case 16%
— brake system 12%
— Engine 11%
— hydraulics 6%
— tire inflation system 2%
— Power System 2%
— wheel 1%
— other 1%

Elements of the front suspension Tiger-M

By the nature of occurrence of defects CTC "Tiger" are divided into:
1. Manufacturing defects 28.5%: the presence of air in the brake system, bad bleeding the brake system;
2. Defects 32.9% of suppliers: failed calibration unit SRDVSH, defects JAMZ;
3. Operational 36.6%: non-compliance with the distance of movement, destruction of the body due to improper operation of the winch, the movement is locked in permanent bridges.
In 2011, the identified defects Tiger allocated 36.66%, 26.38% and 36.96%, respectively.

Rear suspension

Beauty armored Tiger-M in the assembly process

GAZ-233036 SPM-2 of one of the units of riot police on the warranty repair

On the identified defects of various modifications APC develops a similar situation. From 3180 zareklamirovano warranty APC 567. The primary effects on APCs identified in 2012 (in% of the total number of defects)
— Transmission 27.8%
— electrical equipment 24.8%
— engine is 17.8%
— hydraulics 8.5%
— brake 4.4%
— tire inflation system 3.3%
— case 3%
— Power System 2.3%
— armament 0.2%
— other 7.9%

Information system

Identified in the production and operation of APC defects in 2012 by the nature of the occurrence were as follows (in% of total):
1. Manufacturing defects 23.7%: faulty speedometer, pilot operated, gear axles, transfer case;
2. Defects parts suppliers 35.3%: clutch, PKP, circuit breaker, starter motor, power steering;
3. Improper use of 40.6%: the coolant to flow from the cylinder head, worn clutch disc, deregulated the drive gear, the failure of the circuit breaker and starter, the destruction of the shaft transfer case gear destruction.

BTR-82A in the assembly shop AMZ

According to representatives of the plant, through systematic efforts to improve the quality of products and components supplied in the past year, the factory managed to change the ratio of the occurrence of defects in character. In 2011, the identified defects APC distributed 34.84%, 37.49% and 27.67%, respectively.

Map staffing is available on each product

BTR-82A is almost ready for delivery to the customer

Particularly attentive may notice a bent wheel drive and almost worn tread on this BTR-82A. These wheels are mounted on the machine to move in the shop.

In addition, during the presentation of the representatives of AMP announced their proposals for the implementation of a number of foreign purchases of components due to the low quality of domestic analogues and non-delivery time.
Management believes that the AMA, there is now a need to consider options for finding and purchasing in foreign markets the following range of accessories: electric connectors, sensors, relays, switches, bearings, clamps, lamps, generators, non-ferrous casting, heaters, oils and greases.

BTR-82A, rear view

The assembly process APCs

BTR-80 for the supply of the UN

Elements of the BTR-80 chassis

Beauty BTR-80 in the assembly process


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