Exhibition dedicated to the Belarusian national resistance

As noted at the opening ceremony Ales Tsirkunov, the task of exposure — persanifikavats national resistance to the occupation and the communist-Bolshevik terror of the twentieth century. "At half-framework of 10 paintings in chronological order identified the main figures of the Belarusian state movement — this Vaclav Lastouski and brothers Lutskevich and Roman Skirmunt, Zoska Veras, Auntie, Ales Harun, Karus Kaganets, Bronislaw Taraszkiewicz Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich Vincent Godlewski, Victor Sikora, Vassily Bykov, Mikhail Tkachev, Vladislav Chernyavskii, Zenon Pozniak, Timothy Vostrikovs "- said A.Tsirkunov.
In late February, it will replace the exposition exhibition of political posters. According to a member of the Commission on Culture BPF Igor Kraszewski, the exhibition will consist of reproductions of posters of the early twentieth century, the period of German occupation, posters of the restructuring, the early 1990’s, as products and paraphernalia of political campaigns in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2001 and 2006s. "The exhibition will feature posters and different attributes, in including one that has not been published, but, for example, placed in blogs during the last campaign"- Said I.Krashevski.
In March, the anniversary of the tent city October Square Minsk, a painter and a member of the BPF Sojma Alexei Marochkin presents an exhibition dedicated to the events 2006. The exposition will demonstrate the basic work of the artist — painting "For Freedom! Area Kalinowski." Exhibition will work until the end of April.

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