Expedition Arktika-2013 has successfully completed

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Yamal" with members of the High-sea expedition "Arctic 2013" and evacuated drifting polar research station "North Pole-40" (SP-40) on board returned safely to Murmansk. 

Station SP-40 was established October 1, 2012 in the Arctic Ocean at latitude 85.2? north latitude 142.8? west longitude. The drifting ice floe about three kilometers wide and more than two meters thick landed 16 wintering. The search for a suitable ice base have been hampered by a record small amount of drift ice in the Arctic — an area of ice cover of the Arctic Ocean in September 2012 was the lowest over the entire period of the regular satellite observations (since 1979). Polar station continued to monitor the environment in the high latitudes of the Arctic basin.

The program of scientific observation was of a complex nature and included oceanographic, meteorological, upper air, ice observations and research in the field of energy-mass in the atmosphere-ice-ocean, and a large set of special cases.

However, in November 2012 through the ice floe where based SP-40, went to a crack, causing houses wintering with equipment and belongings had several times to move to a safer place, which, however, did not affect the research.

In April of 2013 with the help of helicopters managed to bring polar additional food supplies and fuel, but in mid-May, due to the ongoing processes of anomalous ice in the Arctic Ocean, the basic floe split into fragments. The camp was divided into several parts with open divorces between them. There is a real threat of an emergency.

Under these circumstances, it was decided to emergency evacuation polar explorers. To help the winterers in the maritime operation "Arctic 2013" went nuclear icebreaker "Yamal", which in ice and weather conditions in the shortest possible time, is June 8, reached the drifting station. June 12, SP-40 crew along with the property and equipment were moved on board the submarine.

For eight and a half months of work on the ice winterers prodreyfovali1673 km, completed in 1976 meteorology, synoptic handed 988 telegrams, made a 335 temperature and wind soundings of the atmosphere, depth soundings na1423 kilometrahmarshruta held a number of other special cases.

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