Expedition On the way Vitus Bering was launched on August 10 (with video)


Overland expedition organized by the Russian Union of rescuers with the Russian Emergencies Ministry, with the support of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS), kicked off on Friday in St. Petersburg. The route is laid in the wake of the First Kamchatka expedition of Vitus Bering, which ran from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

First Kamchatka expedition was launched in December 1724, after Peter pointed explore the waters of the Pacific Ocean and confirm the presence of the strait between Asia and America. Leader of the expedition was named Vitus Bering, and his first mate — Russian sailor Aleksei Chirikov. First Kamchatka Expedition traveled from St. Petersburg to Okhotsk two years from 1725 to 1727 years, and has produced an instrumental survey of the western coast of the Sea, which later became the name of Bering.

Preparation for such a large-scale expedition lasted more than six months. Total in Russia will go four expeditionary groups: North-Western, Urals, Siberia and the Far East. In each group 17 people — professional rescue workers, university students in the Russian Emergencies Ministry, representatives of the RGS and scientists. All groups start at different points in Russia on the same day — August 10. The participants of the expedition Far East "Along the way, Vitus Bering," on Friday went from Yakutia, Kamchatka.

The expedition Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, Russian Geographical Society, the Student Union of the rescuers and the Cossack District. Far longest stage — the travelers to go 7,000 miles in 19 days on the Bering.

The route includes such towns as Lenski, Olekminsk, Yakutsk, Khandyga, Arch, Okhotsk. At the end of the path is planned to visit the Commander Islands, where Bering's grave.

"Members of the expedition will have to overcome the vastness of the Far East, on foot, by boat, car or even on horseback. And especially troublesome terrain will be used by the Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft. Throughout the route planned for the various activities, including demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions, historical renovations, technology demonstrations, rescue and fire-fighting technologies, "- said in a statement.

The main organizers of the event were unusual Ministry of Emergency Situations, All-Russian public organization "Russian Union of rescuers," and the St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service. Carrying expedition devoted to several significant historical dates: 20th anniversary of the Search and Rescue Service Emergency Russia and the 285 th anniversary of the end of the terrestrial part of the first Kamchatka expedition of Vitus Bering.

The aim of the expedition are the moral and ethical aspects of the education of the young generation and the conservation of the country's history in the memory of the Russian people. At the same time, in the course of the route Russian Emergency Situations Ministry planning to address a number of specific professional objectives: testing of life-saving technologies in the remote northern regions, the assessment of the safety of tourist destinations and carrying out activities aimed at disseminating knowledge of coping with emergency situations.


Video RIA Novosti: http://spb.ria.ru/video/20120810/499060075.html 

Video Channel 5: http://5-tv.ru/news/58373/ 


 http://spb.ria.ru/video/20120810/499060075.html   http://5-tv.ru/news/58373/ 

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