Expert: U.S. goal — to create a permanent chaos from Morocco to Xinjiang

"I agree with the figurative definition of" revealed the whole region, "in tune with the" opened a Pandora's box. "Look at the processes in Central Asia only in the context of the region's pointless.


U.S. aim to rebuild the entire structure of government, not only in Central Asia but also in the world. The U.S. goal — to create a permanent chaos from Morocco to Xinjiang, to slow down the development of the rest of the world by means of destabilization and the subsequent struggle against terrorism in these countries to divert their resources from more urgent issues of development. The main task — the United States ahead of the world in technological development and to forestall this is to adopt a "new world order." Thus, given the role that Afghanistan destabilizing factor for many years. "This, commenting on some of the nuances of U.S. policy in Central Asia, said during a virtual round table on the basis of" Central Eurasia "expert from Kyrgyzstan Mars Sariev.

In his view, Afghanistan is interesting for the United States only as a destabilizer vast region, which will absorb the resources of the same Russia and China. The task of the United States — to go to the sixth level of technology, while the rest of the world deliberately plunged into chaos and archaic. In this regard, only one way out: it is necessary to understand the true purpose and objectives of the globalists, to oppose its vision.

On the subject of negotiations with the Taliban expert said: "The United States has created almost insoluble problem. Hamid Karzai not be able to negotiate with the Taliban, as he protege Americans. To achieve consensus, Hamid Karzai must fully accept the terms of the Taliban. No compromise is possible. Apparently, therefore, Hamid Karzai, in the Bishkek summit of the SCO tried to enlist the support of Russia and China. Afghanistan awaits permanent instability and split at least two parts. Of course, there is a solution to the problem of Afghanistan — a sort of "Marshall Plan" to SCO. However, this option is placed in the same U.S. strategy to divert resources geopolitical rivals to fight terrorism. "

The expert noted that one of the goals of the United States — not to allow Russia to "collect" The Eurasian Union. The role assigned to the disintegrator in the Caucasus Georgia. Attempt to "tear off" Armenia has failed. In this case, wrongly assume that leaving weapons and equipment in the region of the USA create conflict. They have a different methodology.

"The U.S. is studying the natural contradictions of the region and then to design and work with this" stuff. "Arms and equipment left in the republics of Central Asia, already creating dissonance. Standard equipment and weapons NATO it is logical to require proper maintenance, supply of spare parts and ammunition, and thereby destroyed a single standard weapons. , The influence of NATO, "- said Sariev.

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