Export MAP of Russia in 2011 exceeded 2.2 million tonnes

As noted in the study RBC.research "The market of phosphorus fertilizers in 2012," Russia is one of the world's five leading suppliers of phosphate concentrate, along with Morocco, Jordan, Syria and China. Exported annually 30-35% of the produced phosphate rock. He directed mainly in Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Up to 85-90% produced in the country phosphate and compound phosphate fertilizer production is exported, mainly to Ukraine, Pakistan, Mexico, Estonia, Brazil. These exports in the last decade growing.

The convenient geographical location allows Russian producers planned to increase its shipments of phosphate fertilizers in the Asian region. The main phosphorus-containing products imported into Asia, are the NPK-fertilizer. Consumers Russian phosphate fertilizer — China, Pakistan and India.

Exported to the American market complex nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers — ammophos and diammonium phosphate. The main consumers of Russian phosphate fertilizer — Brazil, the USA and Argentina.

In 2010 the volume of export shipments MAP increased by 10.9% (2 million tons in physical weight) compared to the failed 2009. At the end of 2011, an increase of more than 15% — more than 2.2 million tons (a little less than 80% of the issue).

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