Exports to Finland of new trailers

New point of growth in exports to Russia during the second quarter of 2011. is the position of new car trailer, GVW over 15 tonnes. According to the research of VVS («VladVneshServis"), in the 2nd quarter. 2011. gain this position was 125.6% compared to the same period of the previous year.

 Photo source:olx.ru

Leading country procurement was Finland. It accounts for 48.4% of all exports from Russia. In the period from April to June 2011. exports from Russia on the position of the new car trailers, full weight more than 15 tons, were engaged in all four of the company. They exported a total of $ 1,303,813.

* Analysis of Russia's exports are made without taking into account trade with the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan

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