Feel Don Quixote

Competitors will be representatives of the opposition, on the one hand, and representatives of the authorities or heads of municipal structures — on the other. So, the Democratic candidate Orsha Vladimir Yurzhitsa has to fight against the Belarusian head of the railroad Vladimir vents. BPF activist Anna Levchenkova from Orsha start a duel with the current Member of Parliament Vladimir Adashkevich. Leonid Autukhou, BPF members from the district center town, opponents will be head of the regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Vasily Bajkov, representatives "Evrakaalitsyi" Tatiana Sadouskaya — Chairman of the Executive Committee Chashniksky Anthimos Mihalevitch, Polotsk and other BSDP (Gromada) Albert Markov -Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Peter Yuzhik.
Election Commission of the Vitebsk-Gorky neighborhood number 17 approved only rival Chairman of the Vitebsk City Council Gennady Gritskevich known activist Tatiana Seviarynets.
— The smallness of a funny situation, of course: the chairman of the City Council Gritskevich and fired from her job Seviarynets pensioner. You feel like Don Quixote, who went to fight windmills. But the example of the common man, indifferent to what is happening in the country, maybe someone and inspire! When I collected signatures for nomination, then heard from a lot of people do not hate the bad words in the address of my opponent. The results to be counted because there is, I do not think Gritskevich could gain a lot more votes — Tatiana Seviarynets defined.
Member of the BPF, the candidate Jaroslav Bernikovich believes that in such a difficult situation Democratic candidates under any circumstances should not withdraw their candidacy and shall be removed from the role in the elections.
— It’s great that left two candidates — one "of power," and the second "opposition" — says J. Bernikovich. — In any case, you can use municipal funds in order to convey to the people their thoughts. And when left alone — a real chance to win, at least moral.
Jaroslav Bernikovich running on Glubokoe constituency number 22, and its competitor is Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Andreychenko.

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