First day of December on the Beijing Olympics

In the opening match of the group stage Belarusian predictably succumbed world champion team Australia. Ahead of Belarusians still four games of the group stage — with teams of Latvia, Russia, South Korea and Brazil.
Directly behind the basketball players on the road maratonskay command shashovay velyagonki 245 km out and Belarusian cyclists from which a huge half of the distance expected sensation — Alexander Kuchinsky paired with a significant margin Ukrainian marched at the head of the main group, but were "Eaten" shortly before the finish.
First day of Olympic competition with the role of Belarusian athletes was largely devoted to the role in the qualifying sieve. Without much difficulty qualify double Olympic mistress in veslavanni Ekaterina Karsten — It has overtaken nearest competitor by as much as 10 seconds. Directly to the end and the crew got "two" — Athens bronze champion Julia Bichik and Natalia Gelakh.
But in the men’s ability to split veslavanni: steam deuce composed Migal Denis and Stanislav Scherbachenya will compete on, while Belarusian quartet finished last.
If rowers ends held only a week, the sniper showed naisilneyshy now. In this kind of anticipation Belarusian fans were associated with the sensation of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, the Olympic champion in air pistol shooting Looky Constantine. But Looky, and his colleague Yuri Dolgopolov unsuccessfully made in qualifying, taking place exclusively in the third 10-ke.
If the Belarus was 4:00 am, began meeting basketball teams of Belarus and Australia. Australian Belarusians lost 19 points. Recognizable basketball player Konstantin Sharavera who worked with different basketball teams of the country, according to such total almost all logical: Australian team — the world’s favorite and silver medalist in 2004. Belarusians debut spec does not consider failure and assesses prospects as positive:
"The most amazing moment, the strongest side, which is our women is the fact that they no one and nothing to fear. Other words not hanging over them such a Damocles sword that God forbid we lose some places where you do not get and etc. They are already there in the Olympics, and this is one of the important reasons. Subsequent moment — they were very successful in soon. It also important because it is the confidence within yourself, in your own abilities. Overall combination came on all fronts — and the players and coaches, which is also very crucial. Because I think which can be wait unpredictable results because first this Olympics. But, in-2, we still do not know how to relate it to our people — either with caution or suspicious. In any case, the feeble teams at the Olympics is not. Because of course, that we will support and experience. "
It should be noted that a pleasant memory left cyclist Alexander Kuchinsky. On zvyshmaratonskay mountain long distance Kuchinsky Time was headed column, but manifested defect experience these performances — after several hours of leadership more delicious taste competitors Belarusian pushed far from the group of favorites.
Belarusian fans amused representative badminton ladies, young Olga Conon — it came out in the subsequent round of the competition, beating rival from Singapore.
In the first day of competition medalevae lead with 2 merits the highest value predictably seized hosts the Olympics — the Chinese. Tags: Kuczynski, Olympiad, Beijing, Looky, Karsten, sharavera, conan

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