First opposition candidate

— I am pleased with the result, because it first worthy of evaluation of my active group, which included 12 people. Many had to work and personally. At night duty at the "fast" and funny day — a meeting with voters, interviews with each of the dilemmas and hopes.
Alexander Volchanin born September 21, 1962 in the town of Borisov. Then finished school number 13. Was head of the Rural FAP. Currently working as a medical assistant at a luxury Zhodinskaya station "Ambulance".
He served in the army. Has higher education: graduated from Capital Municipal Social Institute, "social work." Member of liquidation of the Chernobyl tragedy. Founder public associations "Chernobyl Union-Belarus", which is recorded in Ukraine. Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party. Elected deputy of the 22 th and 23 th convocation Zhodino City Council.
For disk imaging electoral commission Zhodinskaya neighborhood also now registered here a candidate State Assembly chief doctor BelAz infirmary.

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