First wave of non-registration

From the "right" parties and recorded 48 candidates from the "left" 28. For example, in the BPF of 24 candidates recorded 19 in the United civilian party of 29 people recorded 20 5th Only about 22 candidates from the united democratic opposition remain outside elections.
Managing the Information Center of the United Democratic Forces Yuri Potemkin Pronunciation:
"Now I know that most of the candidates who were denied registration are going to file a complaint to the CEC."
Secretary of the Party of Communists Belarusian Valeria Ukhnalev Pronunciation:
"So we thought that a large portion will be recorded. Indeed, the authorities very necessary that the opposition has a role in the elections. And this is one of those requirements that have to establish relations with Lukashenko Europe."
Motives for non-registration of opposition candidates referred by illegal sovereign Ukhnalev:
"It’s personal, political decisions made by commissions. I think that some of these solutions CEC cancels. But all the same gives no grounds read united democratic forces that the elections will be conscientious, transparent and open. "
As a result, the democratic forces combined 110 districts have only 76 candidates. In a large part of the election districts in the end will be uncontested, the human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich. He associates the results of today’s election registration of candidates 2004:
"If you take the absolute numerical value, it seems that in this election record more opposition candidates. But at the last elections and allocated more. At the last parliamentary election was 2-3 Democratic candidates on environment. Now select the other actors SLM strategy. But the situation in almost all indentychnaya. Though written and more candidates, but the authorities are targeted not recorded major, strong candidates have typically not regitsya Borisov sire Salash. And unlike the last campaign, the authorities went on a failure to register the iconic personalities. Indeed, failure to register Sitting and Ivashkevicha — it is a political decision, not a legal. And I think that the end is not yet. During the last elections were two waves of non-registration — the first step on the candidates. And the second wave, when strong candidates filmed for a day or 3-5 days before voting. "
CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina means hold a press conference tomorrow, which will be announced on the official results of the registration of candidates. While the CEC no figures do not fall.

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