For effective impact. Development of Chinese MBT Type 99A2 is nearing completion

For effective impact. Development of Chinese MBT Type 99A2 is nearing completion
China for 5 years is developing modifications tank type 99A2 based on main battle tank Type 99, reports website

Currently, work is being terminating the testing stage. Military experts believe that the tank can be resettled 140-mm smoothbore gun, able to penetrate the frontal armor of modern tanks. Gun capable of firing projectiles of various types, including armor-piercing discarding sabot projectile feathered (BOPS) with a uranium core, anti-tank missiles and laser-guided, imported from Russia. But this gun technology are still not very mature, and therefore as the main armament can stay current 125-mm gun or its extended version. It was also reported that in 2009 a small batch type 99A2 tanks entered into trial operation in the PLA.

Type 99A2 tank difference from the reference base is the presence of more reactive armor panels, which are installed on the front and sides of the tower. The armor protection should ensure the survivability of the tank from hitting improved

120-mm armor-piercing projectiles South Korean and Japanese tanks. Also, the tank will be installed brand new Active Protection System.

Tank resettled antiaircraft gun QJG-02 14.5mm (instead QJC88 12.7 mm Type 99). Most likely, the new version of the tank had improved automatic loader, more common and reliable in operation.

140 mm cannon can penetrate the frontal armor of the South American M1A2 tank, not to mention the other third-generation tanks. But China is still holding on to the 125-mm gun tank Type 99, which limits the firepower subsequent versions military machine. This gun is designed with the introduction of technologies Russian 125mm gun already «not very good» for the confrontation with the modern South American and European third-generation tanks. China previously announced the development of the uranium core BOPS, its technologies are not inferior to the South American. It was also reported that the uranium core BOPS released from the experimental 140-mm gun, a distance of 1,400 meters struck the frontal armor M1A2 tank. Compared with the basic model Type 99A2 has a tower with the increased volume in the front of his chassis strengthened against the effects of explosions antitank mines. Tank resettled millimeter radar range created for the new system of active protection. But this system will counteract laser-guided missiles, is not yet clear. Tank resettled multifuel diesel engine capacity of 1500 hp and box CH-1000.

The fire control system (FCS) is also improved. MSA contains a sight to be independent stabilization band sight, laser rangefinder, thermal imager, a digital ballistic computer, a large number of sensors, including looking for the weather criteria and the degree of curvature of the gun barrel, automatic tracking system. The tower is set in a color monitor console. Thermal images are transmitted to the screen of the driver and the gunner’s sight. In addition, the tank resettled inertial and satellite navigation system whose data can be displayed on the monitor for a long time before lining electrical card. Tank resettled modern radio system.

Infrared imager capable of producing second-generation images of objects located at a distance of 7-9 km. MTBF is 4000 hours.

The tank can use the data of the American satellite system GPS, but can be further implementation of these state of the «Beidou» 9602, while positioning accuracy will be less than 20 m system will allow significantly improve not only the accuracy of determining the seat of the tank, and the level of situational awareness for the crew the battlefield.

Type 99 tanks have a longitudinal engine placement (longitudinal arrangement of the power system), which occupies a large internal volume, limiting modernization potential. In the 1990s. China North Industry Company (China North Industries Corporation) made export tank MBT-2000 with a transverse box (transverse layout transmission system). Hull length of the tank is only 6,487 m, motor power — 1200 hp During long-term tests revealed that the IMT-2000 box is the best Chinese in the development of this area, only a little inferior specimen of the best world. Some photos Type 99A2 tank demonstrate that the tank is used IMT-2000 chassis, but it is still necessary to check.

Perhaps Type 99A2 tank will get a new chassis together with the latest, more powerful propulsion. Such engine can be created based on the 1200-strong diesel 150NV tank Type 99. His forced variant capacity of 1500 hp on its characteristics is close to the German MTU MT883. New diesel engine was tested on a tank type 98, which showed the highest speed of 80km / h, off-road — 60 km / h Air Cleaning System Motor Type 99A2 tank has a double filter, as the South American M1A2.

Developing tank type 99A2 conducted against the background of the creation of new tanks in South Korea and the Land of the Rising Sun. China is moving away from the production of huge amounts of military equipment in the direction of production sverhtehnologichny samples in the least. Tank Type 99 developed sensitive least 10 years (since 2000), while developing Type 99A2 tank was least 5 years. Analysis indicates that the PLA will be used as the main tank fleet over a cheap Type 96 and their modifications, and more expensive and complex type 99A2 will be used to effectively impact on important areas.

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