FOTAZHNIVO. First round of the competition

Followers of the first round of the competition:
1st Oleg Pakhomov for photo "The Seagull"
2.Ruslan Bugaevich photos for "Apples"

Oleg Pakhomov

Ruslan Bugaevich


Stained-glass window


Corner of an old Vitebsk
Maxim Padaretski. Sky

Maxim Padaretski. Restoration.

Arseny Pakhomov. In Loshitsa park

Vladislav Gridin. Heat

Yuri Bondarev. Or not to go into the latest on the ancient life "governor crews"? "

August — also a time when young married …
Yuri Bondarev. Loshitsa park.

Will soon so look all Loshitsa park? "

In Loshitsa started "restoration"
Vladislav Gridin. Rain in Minsk.

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