France began testing the frigate «Normandy»

France began testing the frigate
Lorient in France began running tests multipurpose frigate «Normandy» (Normandie), the second in line and the first serial ship project FREMM, being built by order of the French Navy.
This ARMS-TASS said the company DCNS, which developed the draft FREMM frigates and manufactures construction of this project.

The main purpose of sea trials is to test the main power plant (GEMs) and navigation systems of the ship.

As the ship set GEM-shaft diesel-gazoturboelektricheskaya installation (DGTEU) type CODLOG (COmbined Diesel eLectric Or Gas). A gas turbine engine (GTE) working at tremendous speeds (full speed of 28 knots) through the gearbox for both shafts, and at low speeds are two main motor (one for each shaft).

As told in DCNS, after preparatory sea trials «Normandy» will return to Lorient for subsequent work. First 2014 will ship in the sea again for the second series of tests to simulate combat systems.

In the current time in the shipyard DCNS in Lorient project FREMM frigates built 5 «Aquitaine» (the lead ship of the project). Among them: «Normandy», the second ship of the project FREMM, tests which began; «Provence» (Provence), the third frigate project FREMM, launched on September 18; «Languedoc» (Languedoc), the fourth project frigate FREMM, is in dry dock; housing fifth frigate laid in August 2012 and currently being formed of the housing units; frigate «Mohammed VI» (Mohammed VI) for the Navy Morocco actually ready for delivery to the customer, which is planned for later this year.

Head frigate «Aquitaine» (Aquitaine) FREMM project was delivered the French Navy in November 2012

FREMM frigate has the following properties: length 142 m, width 20 m, 6 thousand tons displacement, maximum speed of 27 knots, the crew of 108 people. (Including the composition of helicopter group), the ship may be placed 145 people (men and ladies).

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