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"Provincial complex in the book is, unfortunately"
Music and showman Alexander Tomatoes drew attention to the following features of "home albums."
Tomatoes: "With one side slightly hard, since I was not born in the midst of the 50s. On the other hand there are things that I remember and also beheld in his own uncle and grandparents. But still I like a man from the capital, I notice that the book written by someone who did not live in the capital. For a time he was there, maybe worked or studied, but still provincial complex in the book there, unfortunately. There are such things like "we Novapolatsk everything was so …" I met with this, because once people were in charge of me, for example, "were Vawkavysk latest gramplyastynki and not in Minsk." It’s funny. Although, in principle, I really liked the book, though still there wasand some historical and incorrect. "
"Young guys called" Belomorkanal "" Canal "almost" Camel "
Specific encyclopedia of Russian life styled "home Album" writer Valentin Taras.
Taras: "This is what lay at hand. Nobody took it in his hands, as expected. Obsolete very excellent, professional, and humorous, and a little sad to book. Such typical encyclopedia of Russian life — household items, on what person lives every day and not even directs attention to it. And he is to collect, compile. Decent all written language. Than bribed these navelki? always have some alive each item that allows a person to behold, who had to do with the story told. For example, he knows about cigarettes "Belomorkanal." And he remembers how his father smoked, he smoked. Knows so casual about a man who all his life wanted to go from a cheap no cigarettes seem "Nord" to "White Sea Canal", and did not wait, did not have enough funds. And, of course, perfectly fully in the same naveltsy as young guys called it "Belomorkanal" "Canal" almost "Camel".
"These books need to the same film"
Daneyko journalist Lena says that very well that Radio Liberty has the ability to issue such a book.
Daneyko: "Because of past Russian Belarusian official media in most cases make the legends that have not much in common with those what happened on Actually. Naturally, with the last people remember best. But not everyone was in such a chocolate when falling today agitators. In this case needed to keep in mind the different and exactly what happened brake many processes that would have to happen if people are not forced to live under the ideological stereotypes. Some of it seems funny now. Anything left now, but it exists in a different form, but there is. Excellent, that such a book is, as, for example, my offspring does not already know almost everything that was absolutely not so long ago. And at this time slightly sources from which it could would draw. I would suggest that in general such books to the same film, the making of their films. "
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