Freedom Names Andrew Tsikota 12.05.1891, Svyantsyanshchyna — 02/21/1952 (according to other sources 02/11/1952), Eastern Siberia, the Gulag

He does not believe who does not live by faith own. It is not said about him. Father Andrew was Tsikota own Way of the Cross in harmony will and conscience, under the sign of faith in God and in Belarus.
Already in Vilna seminary, and then the St. Petersburg Theological Academy church he belonged to the Belarusian cultural and educational circles. In 1917 he participated in the First Congress of the Belarusian Catholic clergy. Tsikota not just welcomed the birth-independent Belarusian People’s Republic of, and was elected to its parliament.
For their democratic gaze and zeal as nayshyrey enter whiteRussian language in Catholic Father Andrew initially arrested Bolsheviks later pursued Polish secular and spiritual power.
First 1920 he entered the Order of Marian, who played a prominent role in the history of the Church of the twentieth century. Settled in the convent in Druya Mariana monastery, Father Andrew did there gymnasium and began byelorussization all national and religious life of the parish and convent in Druya neighborhood, trying to expand this work to all of Western Belarus.
Tsikota was the representative of Belarus at the 5th Congress of the Czechoslovak Unitarian Velehrad (1927). It twice, in 1933 and 1939, was elected General of the Order of Marians. In 1934, the Vatican sent Father Andrew manage mission Manchurian Harbin.
After the second World War I Tsikotu together with other Belarusian priests Harbin mission realized tragic fate. Chinese authorities gave the missionaries bodies Russian KGB. Father Andrew was accused of espionage in favor of the Vatican once and land of the rising sun. For such "crimes" Stalinist tribunal gave 25 years of concentration camps.
His letters from stitching wire to the head of the Belarusian community sisters evharystak mom Apalenii Pyatkun, our Belarusian mother Teresa show that up to the last days Tsikota own, suffering terrible meal ideas was in Belarus. "You can live in the dark bread crumbs and water and still give us some food … I sit with difficulty, but when lying down, the pain is almost not hear … Doctors are convinced that everything will be okay, but I have another hunch .. . Every day I pray for you, for all the parishioners, and Belarus … "- despite the censorship of the camp, he wrote in 1951, a few months before the end of his earthly shlyahu.Magchyma," medical "he owed call executioners out a day or father taken out into the cold and watered …

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