Freedom on «Be Free»

On the 2-sites — the Market Square and the park named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky — will be performing groups from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.
Belarusian team and performers — BN, Partyzone, Pomidor / OFF, Znich (BY), Zygimont Vaza, Zet, Anastasia Nekrasov, PLAN, Dzhambibum, Yar Stary Olsa, WZ-Orkiestra, Litvin Troll, IQ 48, METANOIA, Krama, ULIS, Neuro Dubel.
Ukrainian participants: Incunabula, Haydamaky, Xy4, Tartak.
Poland will represent ROCKAWAY and HABAKUK.
Video, audio and photo from the festival "Be Free!" Lviv — the website and in the air of "Freedom."

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