G.Grushavy 30 thousand kids become Travel Abroad

Hanna Sous:
Please tell me what the situation is at the moment in your organization. How many kids managed to take on improvement this year? Please compare these numbers with what happened 10, 20 years ago.
Gennady Pear: In practice, this activity was suspended by the government already This year zhnivni.Uves in this time almost no charitable initiative can not bring kids on the Belarusian foreign recovery. This applies to the vast number of Belarusian children. Some absolute numbers to call early, but I believe that today’s improvement in comparison with previous decreased by approximately 30-35 percent.

In practice, this activity was stopped by the government in August

But the most important thing is not what was at issue forthcoming activities of organizations such as ours. Government to sign international agreements on child rehabilitation set conditions that practically unacceptable based on the beliefs of the legislation of these states. These conditions almost demand that these laws were changed.
For example, that according to the standard of our country, the government, the government may intervene in the activities of non-governmental organizations, and civilian initiatives such makarom destroy main essence of this activity. I mean charity. It is not the government, not by some local government agencies.
If foreigners, speaking about the case, they say, "the Belarusian side," they mean not all the same government, and many Belarusian charities. If we consider this point, it may happen that the agreement will not in general.
The exception is Italy, which has signed similar agreements with the government. There’s a special situation.

It is connected with the history of Vicki Frost, or have any other prerequisites?
Pear: The fact that in the late 1990s, there was formed a bit of our department for humanitarian aid. This municipal structure of the Ministry, which almost gives permission, as well as in Belarus, the activities of charitable organizations. It looks quite amazing, but, nevertheless, went on the Italian side step such as signing agreements with Minsk.
It was hard to accept it, we have some time pratsatsvali together, but in the last year I gave up on this cooperation, because when the government intervenes in the affairs of human, this is obviously not the best reference.

Back in 2005, the Belarusian leader said at a meeting of some kind, just shameful when Belarusian kids move on vacation to other countries. Anything decent they do not bring out

As for the legal side, then over the last 10 years developed and introduced such instruments, which regulate everything about our trips for kids myazhu.Getyya documents we have with our partners and they sign these agreements between non-governmental organizations in zatsverzhvayutstsa Belarus our government.
Sous: How do you think that is why the Belarusian authorities in the near future evenly fold improvement programs from Chernobyl kids abroad? Which nominee they can offer them here, in Belarus?
Pear: Unfortunately, in Belarus, we do not yet have such a criterion for rehabilitation, recovery and rest children. And to your question there is the usual response. Back in 2005, the Belarusian leader said at a meeting of some kind, just shameful when Belarusian kids move on vacation to other countries. Anything decent they do not bring out. It was a mission statement, after which all municipal structures began step by step practical limit, but now, you can read, and destroy what is domain specific civilian society in Belarus.
All these charitable humanitarian projects, is all that has been built first 1990s. I would also singled out, even until he came to power, Alexander Lukashenko. Now that is a leftover from our democratic times, quite destroyed.
And next, I wish to highlight. Belarus has a limitation for people who break the law, they are not allowed to travel abroad. I do not know exactly the number of people who have lost that right. the opportunity to travel to different countries, it can tyscha, maybe two thousand people. but after the decree of the President of Belarus 555 almost exclusively lately 30 thousand Belarusian kids almost fall into this list. They are restricted to travel abroad.
And if you take in the future, if these agreements still are not signed, and most likely they will not be signed, in other words only one thing that all Belarusian kids were in the list. Because I am very interested, as will respond here on the violation of human, civilian rights, all international norms of human rights organizations. Naturally, we are trying to do something, we are looking for some ways, that still maintain what has been built up over the years.
But while the response of the human rights front no, it’s the first. In-2, there is no broad civilian discussion — what it means not only for Belarus, and for Europe. Because it affects the interests of not only Belarusian families, but thousands of families in the European Union. Tags: perry

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